Gundam Fiesta 2009 @ Compass Point, Singapore

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Yesterday, I visited Gundam Fiesta 2009, thanks to my wife’s information. To be frank, I am not a Gundam fan. I had watched Gundam when I at a very young age but it did not manage to penetrate into my interest group. I went with a purpose to see and learn from Mr. Katsumi Kawaguchi as he would be sharing some tips and tricks on how to make the Gundam model kits look cool and pro.

Since I was already there, I looked around and snapped some photos. I was amazed with how much Gundam had evolved since 20 years ago. Look at their details and designs. They simply look marvelous!

Apart from those, there is a section on “Making Gundam”. The following shows the design plan used for making the 1st 1/144 Gundam back then.

This is the plastic material used for making Gunpla.

The molds used by the makers of Gundam.

Also, here is the exhibited “Test Shot by SLA”.

Next, I saw the BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundam series. My goodness, everything seems to be revolving around Romance of the Three Kingdom. Well, they look quite cute to me.

I personally found a few Gundam model kits that I like very much. They look damn great!

And here are some giant size Gundam (very much smaller from the giant Gundam of Japan, of course).

Finally, I did a few overall event shots. Boy, it was really crowded!!!

Well, we could not end this without any Gundam Girls shot right? I only manage to snap one though. The whole area was swamped by… hungry frogs? I was not able to get near at all. :(

Lastly, I bought myself an OO Gundam model kit!!! Yesh!!! How could I leave such an event without pampering myself or getting something for myself, right? :)

Most of the model kits were already sold-out, including Unicorn Gundam. So, I ended up buying OO Gundam. I believe that I made a good choice. I will update this site with my first new model kit once I manage to get it assembled.

I must admit that I had a great time. Once again, I must say a big thank you to my wife for alerting me of this event.

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