Kanu Unchou of Ikki-Tousen (Griffon)

September 17th, 2009 3 Commented

I bought a second-hand Ikki Tousen of Kanu Unchou painted figure a month ago. She was my first Ikki Tousen, not to mention Kanu Unchou, figure from Griffon Enterprise. This approximately 160mm figure was sculpted by Satoshi Ishiyama. She may not the prettiest Kanu Unchou, yet she is not the worst either. Overall, I find her pretty and sensual. Kanu Unchou figures have always been beautiful, at least 85% of them I must admit.

With her uniform, the signature mini blue skirt and skimpy white blouse, she brings out the nature of the girls of Ikki Tousen. I simply love her!!!

Below are some of her studio shots.

These are some mini shots of her from different angles.

Here is the close-up shot of her.

Kanu Unchou was also the first figure I brought out for outdoor photo-shoots.

Wallpapers: [1680×1050] [1600×1200]

Wallpapers: [1680×1050] [1600×1200]

Another close-up shot of her.

Also, here are two sexy shots of her.

Official Ikkitousen Anime website

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  1. Leonia says:

    It’s a nice figure. I like her regard. I prefer chinese version from Griffon too, and the future news version (maybe a gothic loli version, from Griffon too ^^ I’am waiting for her colors).

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