Creator’s Labo #16: Jingai Makyō’s Ignis – Red & Black – (Yamato)

October 20th, 2009 2 Commented

Time flies! Another week has passed. It was a real busy week for me. Thank God for the long 3-day weekend. I’ve snapped some photos of Ignis which I received 2 weeks ago.

Initially, I didn’t find her pretty or of any special when she was still inside the box. But, it turned out that her details are great. I shall let the photos do the talking. :)

Here are Ignis’ photos from various angles.

The perverted evil tentacle!

“Arggh!! Get away from me”, shouted Ignis.

Wallpapers of Ignis in her heroine pose.

Wallpapers: [1600×1200][1680×1050]

Wallpapers: [1600×1200][1680×1050]

Wallpapers: [1600×1200][1680×1050]

A close-up of photo of Ignis.

For those of you who haven’t known yet, we can actually strip Yamato’s Ignis to half naked. So, of course, I won’t miss that out in sharing with you of her sexy body.

It’s Not-Safe-For-Work.

Please do not click on the link if you are a below 18 years of age.

NSFW — Toggle Visibility

Official Nitro+ website

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2 responses to “Creator’s Labo #16: Jingai Makyō’s Ignis – Red & Black – (Yamato)”

  1. Leonia says:

    I don’t like Ignis, but this version is really original for her base (even if she a little frightens). Colors are impressive and I love her red clothes ^^ Thank for this presentation ^^ I prefer still her wedding version (but she is more expensive)

    • softz says:

      Actually, I didn’t like her either. I bought her because she was on super discount. Thought of selling her off initially, but managed to convince myself to keep her :)

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