Sasara Kusugawa of To Heart 2 (Kotobukiya)

October 4th, 2009 2 Commented

It’s another weekend and I’ve snatched some time from my busy schedule to share my recently received… err… last month… item from Play-Asia. This time is To Heart 2’s Sasara Kusugawa of Kotobukiya.

Why buy her?! One may ask. Well, if you are a figure collector, you would have known her popularity in this sector. Furthermore, Play-Asia was giving an awesome discount. So, how could I miss such opportunity, right?

A little about Sasara Kusugawa

Sasara was introduced in the game, To Heart 2 X-RATED, as an unapproachable beauty, the student council president, with a very cold demeanor towards others. The reason that she acted this way was because of her complicated family background. I only know a little about the game and I have read that her scenario in the game was pretty good. If you want to know more about her, I recommend that you play the game.

However, Wikipedia also mentioned of her appearance in the To Heart 2 OVA series. Well, I hope I could watch them some time this year.

Alright, back to my lovely princess, the figure. I retrieved her from the box, I had a photo-session with her immediately last night. IMO, it wasn’t an easy task as her clothes’, hair’s and skin’s colors don’t have great contrast. In addition to that, her colors are very near to white. So, I decided to try using the table lamp in my room. These are the results.

To my surprise, this figure comes a background board too.

Next, would be some mini yet, sexy shots of her from different angles. Look at those perky bums. Don’t you feel like smacking them? Hee… ;)


If you are wondering where did the sculptor get his/her idea, wonder no more. I’m quite sure that they used this image as a reference.

I, personally, like the following photographs, the look of her enjoying the mesmerizing sun set view is simply sooooo… kawaii!!! I should always keep a lookout of any other nice available figurines of Sasara. My recent checks showed that most of them had already sold out and I only have one currently in my hands, i.e. this little princess!

Next, a close-up photo of my sweet Sasara.

Also, not forgetting her busty body. They are so big! By the way, did she forget to wear her bra?!

I must admit that the sculpting of this figure looks great. Look at the details of her shoes! They look so kawaii, a heavenly match for cutie Sasara.

This post wouldn’t be complete if I do not include any wallpapers right? Well, here you go. I love the first two photos actually. They bring out the life in Sasara, an angelic beauty among the roses. However, due to lighting conditions, I was constrained to not using flash. Hence, the quality of the wallpapers may be a little poor.

Wallpapers: [1680×1050] [1600×1200]

Wallpapers: [1680×1050] [1600×1200]

This last one is, of course, a night shot of Sasara. I will try to make more if I can manage my time and get some nice spots or backgrounds for her.

Wallpapers: [1680×1050] [1600×1200]

Official To Heart 2: X-RATED website

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  1. Lylibellule says:

    Mon premier passage sur votre site. Je suis toujours heureuse de découvrir des nouvelles personnes qui réalisent des photos de leurs figurines.
    Sasara est toute mimi en maid. Votre wallpaper me plait beaucoup.

    My first visit on your site. I’m always happy to discover new people that makes photos of their own figures.

    Sasara is soooo cute in a maid outfit.
    I like your wallpaper very much.

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