Desaru One Day Tour, Malaysia – Chocolate Factory

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Last weekend, saturday, we went on a one day Desaru tour. As we (my wife, her colleagues, my mum and I) were traveling by coach, we had to wake up early to board the bus. We cleared the custom around 7.30 am.

A lil’ about Desaru

Desaru is a coastal resort area in south-eastern Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. The small town of Bandar Penawar, about 2 km inland, serves as the area’s transport hub.

Desaru is strictly a local affair with the occasional Singaporeans visits: there are no chic boutique, fancy restaurants or hip nightlife spots, just 22 kilometers of beach and a few aging resorts.

However, being said so, the tour was packed with an interesting itinerary.

We set off to Taman Sentosa for our breakfast. It was a simple own expenses breakfast at some mediocre coffee-shop.

We were given a chance to buy some well-known green-bean pastries (which they call it Yee Siang biscuit) from the famous Yee Siang Confectionary shop. It is just a few walks from the coffee shop.

Next, we set off to visit a popular chocolate gallery, CocoaRich.

We spent a short 30 minutes here for chocolate purchases and listening to a short talk on the process of chocolate making. It was obvious that I wasn’t paying much attention :)

They have various cocoa samples on the counter.

This is the chart which explain brief about the process of making dark, milk and white chocolate.

How to make chocolate?

  1. Dark Chocolate = Sugar + Cocoa Massa
    Milk Chocolate = Sugar + Cocoa Massa + Milk
    White Chocolate = Sugar + Milk + Cocoa Butter
  2. The bulk ingredients are fed into a mixer that results in a rough texture chocolate paste.
  3. The chocolate paste after mixing is fed into a refiner which results in chocolate flakes.
  4. Regarded as the last process in chocolate manufacturing. The conche derives its name from the latin word “shell”. The flakes fro the refiner is mechanically agitated to remove moisture which results in smooth flowing liquid chocolate.
  5. Conched chocolate are stored in tanks at a temperature of not above 60°C
  6. Chocolate undergo a process called tempering in a tempering machine before they can be finally consumed. Tempering allows the chocolate to be stable and prevents it from melting in your hands.

These are the types of cocoa powder, mainly brown, natural, black and red cocoa powder.

After going through the process of chocolate making, we tried some samples cocoa drinks and various types of chocolates, such as tomato chocolate, sesame chocolate, coconut chocolate, and etc. As usual, after the tasting events, we were lead to the consumer area where we could see various chocolate displays for purchase.

Good To Know (by CocoaRich)

  • Chocolate contains tannin and Cocoa Butter which help to maintain oral hygiene. Tanin prevents tooth decay, while Cocoa Butter helps to prevent plaque formation.
  • Dark Chocolate contains high amounts of flavonoids which act as antioxidants.

After the CocoaRich visitation, we proceeded to visit the Historical Museum in Kota Tinggi. As photography is prohibited, I didn’t manage to get any shots of the interior and exterior. The only information I could provide (shown below) about this museum was taken from here.

Built in 1997, the museum traces the history of the Johor Sultanate. The site was chosen for a museum due to its historical significance as the seat of the old Johor Sultanate.

The valleys of Johor River was also the start of the new era of the Malay Sultanate after the fall Malacca in 1511 to the Portuguese.

It was here also, at the valley of Johor River that the famed writer Tun Sri Lanang wrote the annals of ‘Sejarah Melayu’ (Malay History), a histography of Malay excellence.

Among the exhibits at the Museum include the glorious history of Johor River, starting with the reign of Sultan Allauddin Riayat Shah II until Sultan Mahmud Shah II.

The story of the King (Sultan) who was killed while being carried on a royal litter, refers to Sultan Mahmud Shah II. He is famously referred to in historical books as ‘Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang.’

Discover also the paintings, historical dioramas, weaponry and much more on display only at the museum.

Next post on Desaru Fruit Farm is up.

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