Desaru One Day Tour, Malaysia – Ostrich Farm & Lebam River

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I find this Ostrich Farm visit pretty interesting indeed. It was my first time seeing a real ostrich! I don’t remember seeing any of them prior to this visit (unless I was too young to remember).

Ostrich is a large flightless bird native to Africa. It has a distinctive appearance with a long neck and legs. It has the ability to run at a maximum speed of about 45 miles per hour (72 km/h), which is the fastest speed that birds can run.

I’ve a couple of closed-up photos here. The first one looks like a smaller version of E.T. :) Don’t you agree with me?

We were just in time to witness the opening of an ostrich egg (thanks to that someone who bought the egg, costing about 50 MYR, roughly about 14.70 USD).

First, a small hole was made at the tip of the egg with a sharp tool.

Next, the small hole was drilled half way though and not all the way. Do note that, unlike the normal chicken egg, the ostrich egg has two membranes. Therefore, both of them needs to be broken to allow the egg content to flow out.

Look at the size of the egg content! I bet it can be eaten for a couple of days.

The shell of the eggs can be used as an ornament. Here is an example of how it is used as a lamp shade. But, of course, a painted version will look very much nicer.

Before we continue browsing through more photos, I’d share some interesting facts about ostrich provided by the tour guide with you.

Ostrich Feathers
The ostrich feathers, unlike other feathers, are anti-static and do not trap dust. They are good for making fake eye lashes and computer dusters.

Ostrich Skin
Ostrich skin is sturdy and can be tanned into leather and dyed into any desired color for the making of bags, pouches, wall-hangs and many more.

Ostrich Fats (Oil)
Their fats, found underneath the skin, can be converted into ointments which can helps to relieve everything from skin diseases to headaches.

Ostrich Meat
Ostrich meat is believed to be healthier and low in cholesterol as compared to other meats.

Ostrich Bones and Tendons
These are normally used in soups. They can help to improve conditions such as arthritis and bone weakness.

Ostrich Eggs
Each ostrich egg is equivalent to about 16 to 24 chicken eggs in volume. As you can see from the photos above, the shell can be used to make attractive lamp shades.

Ostrich as Pets
Let’s do some mathematics here.
An ostrich lays an average of 60 eggs a year.
That would be about 60 x 20 (average) = 1200 chicken eggs a year for an ostrich.
Therefore, if you own a pair of ostrich, your supply of eggs is fulfilled.

These are the young ostriches.

Do you know how to identify if an ostrich is a male or female? Well, the answer lies on its color. The black feathered ostrich which appears to be better looking is the male, while the female ostrich is always dull in color.

This is a male ostrich.

As time was running out, we had to proceed to our next destination, Pengerang (a.k.a. Sungai Rengit) for our Lobster Seafood Dinner. So, I left the farm without snapping any photos of the pre-painted egg-shelled lamp shades. :(

After our dinner, we departed for the memorable Fireflies Viewing in Lebam River (Sungai Lebam in Malay).

Source from VirtualMalaysia.Com

Sungai Lebam Wetlands is a coastal tidal river that flows with the rising tide of the South China Sea bringing sea bass, groupers, snappers and sting rays with it, making it an ideal spot for river fishing at the kelongs (off-shore huts).

Fireflies sighting near the Berembang trees are a popular activity too, where you have a chance to view millions of these fascinating insects lighting up the river. Cruise on the still silent waters to explore the wonders of the mangroves and observe monkeys and birds frolicking in their natural habitat.

These are the sights of Lebam River while the sky was still bright.

This boat that we took to cruise along the Lebam River.

Finally, the sun had set and night was here. We boarded the boat and enjoyed a relaxing boat cruise along the Sungai Lebam tidal river. As it was too dark, my camera couldn’t do much. So, I just sat back and enjoy the cool breeze and the view of the fireflies lighting up the bushes and trees. It was a great experience and an unforgettable one!

After an hour of boat cruise, it was time to say good-bye to Desaru and back to hectic working life. :( However, I’m glad that I participated in this trip and experience it!

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  1. Lylibellule says:

    Huhu, ostrich!!!! Here too in Belgium, there’s a farm to raise ostriches.
    They raise them for making “GILLES” (local folklore) costumes but also at this time of the year, we eat a lot of ostriches meat.
    Your text about this matter is really complete :)

    Indeed, you did a wonderful trip full of interesting discoveries. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
    Good luck for going to work back. ;)

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