Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Sinchon Street & Yongduam Rock – Day 3

December 26th, 2009 2 Commented

We left Yongpyong Ski Resort for Sinchon Shopping Street early the morning. It took us about three hours. We stopped by a resting place to get some beverages and snacks before continuing our journey.

We visited a local cinema during our free-and-easy session after reaching Sinchon Street.

We also patronized several shops along the streets.

Here are some interesting facts about Sichon from Korea Tourism Org.

In the heart of Sinchon you can find Yonsei University, surrounded by other famous schools such as Ewha Womans University, Sogang University, and Hongik University. The area is youthful and full of energy. You can find everything here, including Sinchon Hyundai Department Store, discount marts, innumerable trendy stores to shop at, and every kind of restaurant and bar that you could imagine. Some other popular hotspots are the noraebang 노래방 (karaoke rooms), DVD bang, PC bang, and plenty of other places where young people relax and have fun. The streets of Sinchon light up at night with glowing neon signs for night clubs, bars and the noraebang. The main street from Sinchon Station to Yonsei University has become known as “Yonsei College Street.” This road is chock full of restaurants and bars, side streets with cozy little restaurants, Hyundai Department Store and other surrounding shopping malls, and of course Yonsei University.

*(The word bang refers to a type of room or area used for a specific purpose. For example, at a PC bang you can use personal computers.)

This is a vibrant shopping district. Unfortunately, we were only given a two-hour shopping spree before getting back to the coach. Personally, I’d like to suggest that travel agencies should be more realistic in planning. We, the customers, need more time for shopping!

We happened to see this huge mall and we spent some time in there.

It was around noon, we decided to try some korean-japanese food and we went into this eatery shop.

We did a few round more of window shoppings before getting back to the coach and headed to the Gimpo Airport for a domestic flight transfer to Paradise Island — Jeju.

I wasn’t very active in taking photographs but I saw this traditional Korean drum, so I snapped a couple of its photos.

We reached Jeju airport in the evening. I found this sight of the airport rather nice.

After reaching Jeju, we proceeded to see the famous landmark of Jeju Island, Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock).

Yongduam Rock is an unusual lava formation in the shape of a screaming dragon with its body soaked in the sea. This is the top view of the rock.

And this is the side view of the rock. Can you visualize the dragon head?

This is a shot of some coastal area around that area.

Jeju is well-known for their seafood and fishing culture. With this reason, we were brought to a sumptuous sashimi dinner. It was the best dinner I had for this trip.

After dinner, we headed to our hotel, The Shilla Jeju. She is one of the world’s leading hotel. I’ve dedicated a post for the hotel.

Post on Day 3 evening in The Shilla Jeju is up.

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  1. Katsura-chan says:

    Nice photos. I feel bad to being stuck in my own country right now lol

  2. Lylibellule says:

    Your posts will make me want visit Korea. I didn’t imagine this country to be so interesting. :) I’m conquered.
    Some troubles imagine the dragon head. Maybe it’s easier in real.

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