Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Cheonjeyeon Waterfall – Day 4

December 28th, 2009 4 Commented

After a night rest at The Shilla Hotel, we set off early in the morning to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. Here are some facts and a legend about Cheonjeyeon Waterfall taken from Wikipedia.

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, is a three-tier waterfall located on Jeju Island. In the first cascade, the cliff is 22m high and the water falls into Cheonjeyeon pond which is 21 m deep. From there, the water falls 30m and continues to the third waterfall. Eventually, the water reaches the ocean.

Cheonjeyeon means Pond of the Heaven’s Emperor. According to Korean legend, nymphs would descend from the heavens at night and bathe in the waterfall’s pond. The falls are a popular tourist attraction on Jeju-do. Rare plants such as the solipnan (솔잎난) plants or Skeleton fork fern (Psilotum nudum) can be found around the falls. Since ancient times, it is thought that standing under the waterfall on special days can cure diseases.

The waterfall is one of the three famous waterfalls of Jeju, the other two being Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall.

The following photo is the Seonimgyo Bridge. I also included some facts about it taken from Wikipedia.

Seonimgyo Bridge is an arch bridge on Jeju Island over Cheonjeyeon Waterfall that has seven nymphs carved on both sides. The bridge is also called Chilseonyeogyo (칠선녀교) or Seven Nymphs Bridge. The nymphs symbolize the Korean legend of the descent of seven beautiful nymphs from heaven at night. Seonimgyo Bridge is the first arch bridge or Ojakgyo (오작교) design in the region. It was completed in 1984, and cost about 400 million won, which is about 430 thousand USD, to construct. There are 100 guard rails and 34 stone lanterns which light up at night. The bridge is red and white, with the nymphs being white. There are 14 nymphs, 7 on each side with each nymph about 20 m in length. All the nymphs are playing their own musical instruments.

The entire bridge is 4 m in width and spans 128 m in length. In weight, the bridge is about 230 tons. It is a tourist attraction on Jeju-do. The bridge connects Cheonjeyeon with the Jungmun Tourist Complex, and is intended for pedestrian use.

As the time allocated for us was short, we only managed to visit the second and third tier of the waterfall.

After the visiting the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, we headed for the Teddy Bear Museum.

Post on Day 4 – Teddy Bear Museum is up.

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4 responses to “Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Cheonjeyeon Waterfall – Day 4”

  1. Katsura-chan says:

    It’s sooooo romantic … i keep Korea in my mind for a loving trip or even better … honeymoon :D
    Very nice photos !
    A Teddy Bear Museum ?? So that’s very interesting ;-)

  2. Lylibellule says:

    The bridge is amazing! We need more of beauty like that in Belgium. The waterfall legend is quit nice as your photos :)

  3. Tier says:

    Wow, that looks gorgeous. I’ve been to Cheju-do twice, but that was when I was a kid in the Boy Scouts. My troop did a couple of camps down there and we stayed on an Army base the whole time; the scenery I remember is not nearly as pretty as what you got to see XD

    • softz says:

      Hey Tier,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. You should try visiting Korea and Jeju again (with your loved ones) if you could. They are very similar to Japan, except it’s very much colder during winter.

      I didn’t know or couldn’t be bother about scenery or my surroundings when I was young. I believe many of us were once like that too. As we grow older, we start to appreciate more and more. Five or ten years back, all I know was shopping and sky-rise buildings. Now, I started to seek the nature more. Probably, it’s because the age is catching up on me. *LOL*

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