Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Teddy Bear Museum – Day 4

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Teddy Bears have always been loved and cherished since they were first introduced over a hundred years ago. The name, Teddy Bear, originated from the former U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

According to legend, President Roosevelt was on a bear-hunting trip, but he had not shot any bears. As a result, one of his attendants caught a black bear and tied it to a tree awaiting for President Roosevelt to shoot it. However, the bear was released as President Roosevelt felt that it was an inappropriate behavior for a sportsman like himself to shoot it.

As the story spread rapidly, people soon started making their own Teddy Bears. Morris Michtom, an American and Margarete Steiff, a German, were the first manufacturers to produce teddy bears commercially. The Steiff Co. was the most successful of the two toy companies. You can see many of Steiff’s traditional bears in the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum.

The museum contains two galleries showcasing the teddy bears from various countries. Alternatively, you can enjoy yourself at the museum gift shop, cafe, restaurant or the outdoor park where you can get a great view of Jungmun Sea.

The two galleries are divided into three sections, the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall.

In the History Hall, you can witness the 100-year history of teddy bears including famous scenes, popular teddy bears of different eras, and antique teddy bears. The Mona Lisa teddy bear and the teddy bears of the “The Last Supper” (Leonardo Da Vinci) will especially catch your eyes.

In the Art Hall are the latest artworks of world’s famous designers, and you will also find animation characters beloved by children. A section not to miss is where you can find the smallest Teddy Bear in the world at the size of 4.5mm.

In the project exhibit hall you can meet teddy bears grouped to suit the theme of each exhibition.

As for the outdoor museum park, you can meet the marvelous teddy bear sculptures and models.

Here are some of the photos I took. I didn’t manage to put them all online and they are not sorted as well. I’d encourage that you visit the museum to experience it! yourself. It’ll be an unforgettable one.

An interview with Teddy?!

Working on machinery?!

Mickey and Minnie Teddy?! @ Disneyland

Neil Armstrong?!

Terra Cotta Teddy Bear Warriors

Teddy Bears’ wedding

The Beatles

Wood-cutter Teddy?!

A carefree picnic day?!

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Driving Miss Ellenore

Robinhood of Sherwood Forest

This is the Teddy Bear fashion show. Each teddy bear actually takes turn to move to the front of the stage via a electronically powered conveyor belt.

Petite Teddy Bears

Couple in Korean Traditional wedding dress?!

Mimicking the popular Korean TV Drama, Princess Hours (Goong)

Edited: I missed out these two photos, showing how luxurious and expensive teddy bears could be.

This teddy bear wears nothing but only clothings and accessories from Louis Vuitton, a very famous french brand in the fashion industry). It costs about 229,783,793 Korean Won (equivalent to 197,442.67USD). She’s a real expensive teddy bear, I must admit.

This next teddy bear wears only Swarovski Crystal. She’s very much cheaper than the one wearing LV, costing about 10,960,000 Won which is 9,417.42USD.

The following photos are taken in the outdoor park.

Bear Valley (Beverly) Hills?!

A teddy bear in a public phone-booth.

This seems to be the magical pond of the museum. I’m not very sure though. But on a second thought, could this be a teddy bear version of the Rome’s Trevi Fountain?

A sculpted family of polar bears.

A fishing outing.

The following photo is an aerial view the museum gift shop.

This is an example of the gifts available for sale at the gift shop. Of course, there are many more cute gifts, including daily teddy bear bags, stationery and etc, are also sold there.

Post on Day 4 – Activities & Seongsan Ilchulbong is up.

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum Official Website

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5 responses to “Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Teddy Bear Museum – Day 4”

  1. Katsura-chan says:

    I was expecting this one :)
    Never knew that a museum like this existed and i really want to visit it. It’s looks very cute and entertaining.
    The time you took to show us this is highly appreciated.

    Oh btw, Happy new Year ;-)

  2. Lylibellule says:

    A magical place to my eyes. I really like teddys and all those scenes are well made. It’s impressive.
    Inside the souvenirs shops i would’ve gone crazy. Would want to buy everything. :D
    If i had the chance, would asked you to bring me back one ;-)

  3. terrie stong says:

    What wonderful pictures and fabulous bears! I do hope to visit the museum someday. Is there information on Good Bears of the World at the museum? If not, we would love to send some of our GBW bears!
    Terrie Stong
    Chairman Good Bears of the World

    • softz says:

      Hi Terrie,
      I don’t remember seeing any GBW bears at the museum. I believe the photos I took didn’t show any either. You can try contacting them from the website I listed at the bottom of the post. I’m sure the museum personnel will be delighted to showcase your GBW bears too. All the best!

  4. Donna says:

    This is a wonderful article. Your pictures and comments are awesome! Can you please send me the website address of the Korean Teddy Bear Museum? Teddy Hugs, Donna

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