Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Everland and Lotte World – Day 5

January 10th, 2010 11 Commented

After a long work week, here is the post of Everland and Lotte World that I promised previously. It wasn’t easy for me, sorting around two to three hundreds of photos for this post. Yeah, I know I was crazy to snap so many photos at these theme parks. I have only been to two big theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland and the Disneyland at La Vallée, France. So, imagine my excitement and eagerness to share my experience in such big theme parks with you. I’ll try not to elaborate too much as there are many photos in this post. At times, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

We set off early, around 5.45am, in the morning from Jeju to catch the first flight back to Seoul. After arriving at the Gimpo Airport, we had about an hour ride before reaching Everland.

Everland is divided into several groups of attractions, namely Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zoo-Topia. As we were only given six hours, it was impossible to cover each and every attraction. With such short time limit, we decided to focus only on the attractions which we considered to be more interesting.

According to source from Everland official site:

Everland is Opened in 1976, and it is about 1,200,000yd2 It is ranked as the 4th theme park in the world by offering 5 main Festivals and exciting entertainments all year around.

Experience wonderful Festivals and magnificent shows at Everland, 365 days a year.

There are five theme areas along with more than 30 kinds of attractions full of high thrilling and various fun.

Everland during Christmas.

I found the posters along this wall pretty interesting and creative actually.

This is the Double Rock Spin, you won’t see me taking photos of rides similar to this (like roller-coaster, pirate ships, and etc). They are not for the fainthearted, especially not one like me. Spinning around in the air reminded me of my quarterly company BBQ events. *LOL*

While on the “skyway” ride, I was focusing around with my camera to find some nice shots and these young girls actually posed for me. How bold!

After we touched down, we walked towards Alpine Village for the Snow Buster (opened only in mid of December), a snow sleigh designed for families. Of course, I was taking photographs of the surroundings all these while.

For those who don’t see snow often, like myself, this snow sleighing seems to be an interesting activity.

Next, we were guided to the Safari World for a up-close and personal (but not that close) experience with the wild animals. It is known to be the world’s one and only mixed safari, where you can see rare white tigers, lions. and bears all together in one place.


The Lion King?!

White Tiger?! Descendant of Mohan?!

I took a series of shots of a tiger moving towards a car.

This is a liger, a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress. The liger is known to be world’s largest big cat. I’m not sure if it possesses super carnivorous strengths. You’ve got to do the research yourself. ;)

Next, we have the photos of bears. They look cute, but can be very dangerous too.

After the fun safari ride, we were just in-time to witness the Everland ‘s daily parade entertainment. I don’t really know the name of each and every character. Probably, you would know it better than me. ;)

This girl is particularly cute. I’ve a number of shots of her, only uploaded three though. :)

the Red-Nosed Reindeer?!

It was a wonderful parade!

We avoided any roller-coasters, pirate ships, and any of those thrilling rides as we felt that we couldn’t subject ourselves to extreme fear! Maybe age is a factor. Haha. Therefore, we spent most of our time at Zoo-Topia, an animal themed portion, and European Adventure, where the architecture imitates various European styles.

We started of with the Rotating House where we witnessed the stupendous magic contest where the whole world appears to be turn upside down. Our brains were fooled into believing that we were actually turned upside down in the house. What are the scientific facts behind this? Again, you’ve got to do the research yourself. ;)

Next, we went to the Mystery Mansion for a fun-thrilled ghosts shooting (with laser guns) event and proceeded to the Zoo-Topia Space Tour where we enjoyed a 4-dimensional picture starred by Everland characters.

We spent a several hours at the Zoo-Topia, going through almost every attraction there and experiencing an unforgettable trip through the world of wild animals.

We visited the Bug’s Garden, a place where you can learn more about bugs.

A walk through the Petting Zoo to see the home to some of the cutest animals.



Are these guinea pigs?! I can’t remember at the moment. I think they are.

I enjoyed the fantastic stage performances featuring Everland’s very own animal stars at the Animal Wonder Stage. It was something about Peter Pan and, of course, his nemesis the Captain Hook. Unfortunately, everything was in Korean language. You really need an interpreter if you want to understand every single detail of the performances. For me, I could only enjoy the fancy stunts performed by the animals.

I remember at this very instance, she (or rather he as in Peter Pan) instructed the parrot to pick up a 1000 won note from the audience. It was so cool!

I can’t show more of the photos of the Peter Pan as there are many more to cover and due to fast actions, a lot of them were rather blurry. As the show ended, we were just in time for another show at the Sea Lion Stadium. All these shows have specific timings, if you miss the time, you might need to wait for another hour or two.

At the Sea Lion Stadium, I was marveled by the brilliant and cute sea lions when they performed in all kinds of zany circus tricks. Those tricks need tons and tons of training. Again, I’m only sharing a few shots here, you’ve got to see the real performance yourself there (no exceptions). ;)

Super slide on the platform!

A salutation to the crowd.

Are you sure that you need a buoy?!

Bowing to the audience for acknowledgment.

Another great performance from the sea lions.

After a wonderful show from the sea lions, we patronized the Friendly Monkey Valley, and exclusive site for monkeys with 12 kinds of apes and a total of 145 monkeys. You’d have to scroll infinitely if I were to put them all here in this post, or I’d never finish sharing my Korea Tour. So, I’ve only posted one shot. :)

Polar Bear House, a place where you can watch and feed polar bears.

We also walked through the Event Hall to experience the mystery and intrigue of Africa (hosting the African animal exhibition).


Fennec Foxes

We saw many wild animals, including various arachnids, snakes and etc. It was like going to a zoo, with several performances and rides for your enjoyments.

Next, we continue our European Adventure attraction at the Magic Garden. We wanted to visit the Rose Garden but it was closed due to winter. How unfortunate to not being able to see the beautifully bloomed roses.

They seemed so excited. :)

Here are some last photos of Everland before we departed to Lotte World.

According to source from Lotte World official site

Opened in July 12, 1989, Lotte World started the full-fledged theme park era in Korea and is regarded as a world-class theme park along with the Disneyland of the U.S. and Japan. About 8 million visitors come to Lotte World each year, and the total number of visitors exceeded 70 million in April, 2002. About 10 % of the visitors are foreigners, and the number shows the status of Lotte World as a world-renowned tourist spot as well as the most visited theme park domestically.

I was very disappointed with the ridiculous time allocation for Lotte World. The tour guide only gave us a miserable two-hour for this theme park. What did he expect us to do with such a short time in a large theme park like Lotte World? It wasn’t even possible for us to clear the queue of a popular ride within 30 minutes. In addition to that, the freezing weather (-12°C) stopped us from making a detailed visit to its Magic Island. We ran to the outside to snap a few photographs and hurried back indoor, the Lotte World Adventure.

Since time was short, we decided to take the Aeronauts Balloon Ride to gain an eagle view of the surroundings within the Lotte World Adventure. Probably due to the extreme cold, it was very crowded indoor. The following follows photos were taken while queuing up and also while in the balloon ride.

We took two more rides, world monorail and jungle adventure before leaving the place. It was pretty sad as we missed out a lot in this theme park, really a lot.

In fact, there is also a museum here, the Lotte World Folk Museum. According to sources, this is a new type of historical folk museum where Korean history and culture can be learned while having fun at the same time. Using a vast array of display techniques, the stereotype that museums are boring doesn’t apply here. It offers historical exhibitions, miniature villages, performance halls, and market streets. Everything is composed of miniatures dolls (roughly 1/8 scale models) in order to make an accurate recreation of the history and tradition of Korea.

Well, I can’t share anything which wasn’t covered during my tour. Probably, during my next return to Korea, I’ll do a detailed one WITHOUT tour guide, only free-and-easy.

While waiting for the coach to arrive, we enjoyed a mini concert held at the stage. I could still remember that the band is from Philippines. They were great.

My disappointment was lifted off when we checked into Sheraton Grande WalkerHill Hotel. It was awarded as the Best Hotel in Seoul in year 2007. The room is great and the facilities are superb. Trust me! See the photo below, we even went to the casino! Okay, it was my first time at the casino and I didn’t win a single dollar. However, lady luck was with my wife. She won and won. Cool right?

The day ended with satisfactions and disappointments. However, the overall satisfactions were far greater, so I was okay with it.

Post on Day 6 – Seoul is up.

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11 responses to “Korea & Jeju Winter Fun – Everland and Lotte World – Day 5”

  1. Lylibellule says:

    More than 300 photos, i understand you had trouble to choose.
    All those make my eyes sparks! A come back in childhood. Thanks.

    So you did go to Disneyland Paris ? A long time ago ? I went there 5 times and each of my visit was intense and enjoyable :)

    Everland’s parade decorations for Christmas and magic and wonderful ! As all the lightnings. Wooow @^@

    Did you test the sleds ? Did you like it ?

    Very nice photos of the liger. I like felines. Probably because my sign is Tiger :P

    See lions really did a great show….

  2. Katsura-chan says:

    So that’s someting huge ! Never been to a big theme park but i’m not a fan of speedy attraction and here they focus to much on it so …

    But the one you visit got animals which is a lot more attractive to me !!
    They’re very cute and it must have been exiting to see all these wilds animals.
    The See Lion show was probably amazing, i’m hoping to see a show like that some day.
    The parade looks awesome too !!!
    Too bad you didn’t get enough time for the second park, 2 hours is indeed waaaaay too short.

    I definitively want to go there. Want want want !!!

    Everybody told me good about Disneyland but … don’t know maybe i need the right person to go there with me. ;-)

  3. FaS says:

    Omfg, these pics are GREAT! The treeeee…>.> omfg, how in the hell did that work??? I anna goto Korea and Japan! How long you gonna be there?

  4. softz says:

    *LOL* I was there for a week only. Now, I’m back already and it’s time to slog. Also, meantime sharing my tour experience. I still have one more post to wrap up my korea tour. :)

  5. chubbybots says:

    Ah 2 hrs for a such a location…man what were they thinking!! Unless you can zip through the queue. But man great pictures and luckily lady luck was with your wife haha :D

  6. rockleelotus says:

    wow that place is huge, impossible to enjoy all the sights and attraction in such a short time! the snow sleighing looks really fun. lol they painted the car like a zebra in Safari World, thats just asking for trouble :P love seeing all the pics of the animals.

  7. Tier says:

    I have bad memories of Lotte World. I went there when I was in the sixth grade during a school field trip and dang near cracked my head open on the skating rink after I slipped and fell. I also remember some of the rides had a height requirement that I didn’t meet, which really annoyed me at the time.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t stay there longer though, it really is strange to see an indoor amusement park of that size.

  8. Lylibellule says:

    That’s an awesome honeymoon! Too bad i didn’t know you at that time, i would loved to meet you and your wife. :)

  9. heathorn says:

    This post is a bandwidth killer, but the pics are amazing!!
    I got lots of inspiration seeing the float parade and Christmas deco :D
    Ahhh, I want to experience snow….

    btw the rotating house sounds interesting, feel dizzy?

    • softz says:


      *LOL* I totally agree with you. A 56kbps modem user (I saw a few from my Google Analytics) will curse and swear for sure.

      I was left no choice. It’d be weird if I were to divide this post into parts. It’d make these tour experience posts like a never ending story. I’ve already cut short my post details and the photos you saw here are like 30% of what I took. ;)

      I hope to finish my last 2 days of the Korea tour in my next post and then I could start focusing on other stuff like my piling up figures.

  10. Hulda Bawcum says:

    There sure are a lot of unique breeds of cats in the universe these days. I cannot really pick a favored one, some are more amusing to me than others. But in the end I have to say I enjoy all the cats I have gotten to know. They really are cunning little beasts. I suppose that the Siamese cats are very good-looking, but also very nuts lol. I love them, but they can be kind of high strung.

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