OO Gundam Model Kit Assembled!

January 3rd, 2010 15 Commented

Taking time off from my usual busy schedule and giving a break for my readers on the unfinished Korea tour experience, I decided to clear a task in my to-do list, i.e. assembling the Gundam model kit. I bought the kit in the Gundam Fiesta 2009 and it was left untouched for four months thereafter! I have no idea what was I busy with all these while.

Anyway, I took out the box and surprisingly, my wife wanted to join me in assembling adventure. Could she do it? *wondering*

In order to let her experience it!, I took on the task to cut the individual parts out nicely while she put them together. Gosh! I had to use scissors to do the cutting. How unfortunate! I left my cutter in another house of mine. I carefully trimmed the joints to get the best possible curvature of the model. As for my wife, she was tasked to follow the japanese-only-manual to join the parts together.

Here, we had the head and partial body up! Ah, it’s so tiny.

After more concentration, we had the hands assembled too.

Now, the legs were up too and we were left with the weapons. It took us about 2 hours to get to this.

Finally, this is the final product. Although there were mistakes in the process, we had an enjoyable time together. I didn’t know assembling model kit would give us such fun. But again, I must admit that it was a tiring hobby. I still prefer pre-painted figures. Model kits are simply too taxing for me? Probably.

Another OO Gundam pose for you. I finally learned more about Gundam model kits. They are like figmas, they can do quite a number of poses. Cool stuff! Talking about figmas, I’ve not gotten myself one yet. Any nice and cute ones to recommend?

Considering that I’m not really a fan of Gundam, I didn’t post too many photos. Would there be another Gundam model kit for me again? Probably, during my next visit to Gundam Fiesta. :)

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15 responses to “OO Gundam Model Kit Assembled!”

  1. Lylibellule says:

    I don’t know anything concerning modeling and gundams but i agree with you, they’re funny from the time you can give them many different poses to do nice photos.
    You did a good job btw ;)

  2. Katsura-chan says:

    Same as Lyli here, i’m completely clueless when it comes to gundams. I’m not attracted in mechas in general anyway, i prefer cute and lovely stuffs :D
    It has to be fun assembling all the parts if you got time to do it. :)

  3. rockleelotus says:

    that is so cool to share the experience of building a kit with your wife :D i enjoy making gunpla, its very rewarding to put something together with your own hands. then if your up to it, adding some customizations!

    a popular cute figma choice would be KagaMiku ^^

  4. chubbybots says:

    Its a nice feeling assembling with your special half ^^ Couldn’t even get my wife to do that haha :D Tedious assembling kit though no doubt…just take your time and do it :)

  5. heathorn says:

    Congrats on your first gunpla!
    Must be nice to build a gunpla with your beloved one :D

    as for figma, try drossel?

  6. softz says:

    To be frank, I also don’t know anything about Gundam. I’m still wondering why many called it gunpla. Anyway, I decided to just follow the trend ;)

    We (you, Lyli and me) are the same league. I bought the model kit because I didn’t want to leave the fiesta empty handed. I guessed that’s what the ladies call man’s ego. :)

    After reading your blog on gundam, customization seems to spark up my interest in my this OO gundam. I wonder what I’m capable of doing to it.

    Thank you for your tutorials. I must really sit down and slowly digest them. I normally visit blogs during working hours, just to kill some boredom and time in waiting for the computer to get stuff processed. But I saw some very brilliant tutorials which I’d like to share with my wife. I’m trying to turn her into assembling models, if I couldn’t get her to watch more anime. hahaha.

    Master of gunpla! Thank you for commenting. I’ve lots to learn from you. I’ve gotta spent time on your gunpla tutorials too.

  7. FaS says:

    OMFG, I REMEMBER BUYING A LOT OF THESE WHEN I WAS SMALLER!!!!! Veryyyyy nice. You actually got one with more than 3 colors :) I only got the kiddy grade ones because my parents wouldn’t let me buy the cooler ones that were more than 20 bucks…it made me sad :( Oh and plus yours is a real authentic japanese kit instead of the bleah ones at wal-mart. I mean don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my parents getting me them and was grateful, but I wanted a put-together that was longer than an hour. You feel me? Lol

  8. Evangelisque says:

    ‘Gunpla’ is a portmanteau of ‘GUNdam’ and ‘PLAstic model’. XD

    Congrats on your first gunpla! 00 Gundam is a fun kit to build. I wish I could get a friend to come and build with me. x)

  9. heathorn says:

    Softz, pls dun call me master of gunpla, I am just your ordinary modeler >.<

  10. divinelight says:

    Congrat’s on your 1st gunpla, and that’s the latest Gundam (not mentioning will-be-coming Gundam), 00.
    I’ll also buy this kit, but I’ll wait for Gundam 00 7 Swords next February.

  11. softz says:

    I know what you’re talking about. I felt that when I was young too. I wanted complicated models, helicopters and so on. They were so complicated and with all the tiny parts, a 5-year-old me that time could only lose the parts one-by-one. *LOL* But definitely, we can always buy them any time now. Howerver, the problem now is .. time.. finding time to assemble is difficult. Real difficult.

    Thank you for the clarification. Now I know what is GunPla and it wasn’t easy to get someone to share the passion, I must admit. But, my wife, she is on the adventurous side. So, she was the one pestering me since the day I mentioned once to her. :)

    *LOL* Don’t you like that title? KK… I shall not but you really provide good tutorials. Thanks for those. I really need some time to go thru’ them.

    Yep, first gunpla is rewarding. But after reading some of heathorn’s posts, my sense of satisfaction vanished. I want to mod it too!!! ;)
    Also, I’ll keep a look out at the kit you’re getting too :)

  12. divinelight says:

    You start built when you were 5-years-old?
    I thought I always see “8 years and above” on the box :)

    I haven’t tried to mod it yet. My Gundam Kyrios will be my first victim because I’ve lost his mouth… I won’t be too much in sadness if I fail.

  13. softz says:

    Yup, but did I succeed? Sadly, no. I remember I only managed to glue up the body and the wings. I lost the rest of the smaller parts :(

    Remember to show us your mod when you do. :)
    I need to figure out where I could get the markers first.

  14. Q says:

    Randomly stumbled onto your blog and on this particular post since I do build some gunpla (but usually 1/144 scales, which are a bit smaller than your 1/100 00 Gundam there).

    So is this your first gunpla (excluding the one back in your childhood)? Nice one there!

    I can understand people who are used to collecting pre-painted finished items (mostly figure collectors I know) would prefer things pre-painted and pre-assembled, which is understandable, since models do take time to build and possibly to paint as well. I got back into Gundam stuff around 4-5 years ago and have been more into it for the recent 1-2 years. Now just like a lot of gunpla fans I have a backlog of them to build ^^;

    Don’t compare other people’s works or else you can feel down! I am fairly casual on them so this is the reason why I usually buy 1/144s rather than 1/100s or even MGs/PGs (but I also have a passion for 1/144 scale models in the first place). As long as you put in the work you wanted to in the first place then you deserve the end product – and of course you can always go back and ‘enhance’ it even more with a few more touches now and then.

    On the other hand, gunpla are quite a treat compare to, say, military models, where they do require proper modelling skills… I’ve only built one really small one and found out my skills don’t quite belong in that league at all (lol…). Oh well maybe one day in the future when I do have more passion to build myself one rather than to collect the pre-painted ones (since some can be really hard to find or are really expensive as pre-painted/pre-assembled).

    As for figmas, buy whoever you really like in your heart. By the way they are rather fragile as poseable action figures, so do be careful with the joints should you do own one.

  15. softz says:

    Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I’m really touched with your tips and encouragement. Actually, I’m a newbie in this GunPla field. I could only search for answers thru’ the net for terms like MGs, 1/100, or 1/144. In fact, I got to know that people do paint and mod their Gundams recently only.

    Also, thanks for the figmas tips. So, they are fragile huh. Gosh, I didn’t know that. I just pre-ordered a few recently (the K-ON girls) and waiting for them to be delivered. I hope I could maintain my gentle self with them. :)

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