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January 24th, 2010 10 Commented

I believe that you’ve read some of my lamentations of how could I have missed the pre-order of Saber Lily Distant Avalon last year. Fortunately, I managed to buy her from E-Bay at a not-too-expensive price. It wasn’t easy to get her but I made it. Hooray! Yeah, I love this Saber figure a lot and I’m sucker for Saber. ;)

About Saber Lily

Saber (セイバー) is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by TYPE-MOON.

She is Shiro Emiya’s servant, an agile and powerful warrior. Saber is loyal, independent, and reserved; she appears cold, but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. Her class is considered the “Most Outstanding”, with excellent ratings in all categories. Because her master cannot effectively provide her with mana, she minimizes her activity to preserve what she has. Saber is bewildered by Shiro’s “protective” tendencies, and believes his erratic and reckless behavior jeopardize her chances of winning the Holy Grail War.

The box is in near mint condition, which is what I’ve longed for since most of my boxes have slight dents.

Saber Lily has two swords and a scabbard. There are some scribblings on them which I’ve no idea what they mean. The base is nicely sculpted, comes with marble-tiled look and the words, Fate Unlimited Codes. Due to the design of my blog, I don’t have a large pixel space to display a bigger image. Hence, they are all shrinked to 500px wide. I would suggest that you click on those photos to have a bigger and clearer view.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

I didn’t take many detailed photos of the various parts of the figure since most of you already know by reading the vast array of reviews out there on the net. So, here are three photos, mainly her portrait, her back from an angle and a portion of her dress.

After some considerations, I decided to take Saber out on a tour to some of Singapore’s famous historical sites and let her be my model for a day. I also made some of the photos into wallpapers. ;)

It was a sunny day. In my opinion, it’s best time of the day for outdoor photography. We (my wife, Saber and I) went to the heart of Singapore where the sites are located. I will do a follow up on these sites after this figure post. So, the first spot we visited is the Armenian Church. These two photos were taken within the church compound.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1200×800] [1680×1050]

Next, we had a slow stroll up the hill to Fort Canning Park. Along the way, I got Saber to do her favorite pose for me for some photos.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1200×800] [1680×1050]

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1200×800] [1680×1050]

I continued taking photos as Saber stood in front of a wall of tombstones. The red bricked wall matches very well with her dress and armor. It seems like we were back to the medieval age, 14th century.

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1200×800] [1680×1050]

[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1200×800] [1680×1050]

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Saber stood on a tombstone in her glorious pose. She seemed to have won a great victory from a fierce battle.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

The subsequent photos were taken from somewhere outside the Supreme Court. It was time for justice to be served.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]

And the last photo, Saber was in Rome, at The Colosseum. Is that true? She flew to Rome? ;)

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10 responses to “Saber Lily Distant Avalon (Good Smile Company)”

  1. Katsura-chan says:

    Woooow, i see saber in a total different way now :D She seems to be a lot more magestuous on my shelve ^^
    Totally love your photos and providing wallpapers is something i deeply appreciate :)

  2. rockleelotus says:

    ohhh nice get! i really love Saber too, shes great at striking a pose and serving up justice! lol really cool shots with all the different locations, you two did a lot of traveling ^^

    oh and i added you to my blogroll :D

  3. chubbybots says:

    Man awesome out door shots!! I should take my nendo lyli saber out for such shots!! I love the one in front of the supreme court :D Justice is served!

  4. Leonia says:

    Beautiful review thank for this share. Saber Lily is a beautiful 2009 figure. This GSC version is more dangerous and dynamic than Alter version. I like this version for the clohes, better (for me) than normal version.

  5. Lylibellule says:

    Impressive and unbelievable photos shots! I would be difficult for me to only choose one if i had to make a choice.
    But the set i prefer is the one with the tomb stones.
    Excellent job. Nothing’s better than a natural landscape to highlight saber.
    And of course, once again i discover a lot of stuff. Singapore must be magnificent to visit.
    Do Saber Lyli would risk to take the plane alone to go to Rome…. mmmmm i don’t think so. LooooL

    Glad you could get it. You was well inspired on this one ;)

  6. softz says:

    Thank you, Lyli. Your kind words always motivate me to go further.
    I do agree with you that I prefer the tomb-stone photos. I hope people won’t find me disrespectful to the decease. ;)

    • Tier says:

      Really nice pictures! I’ve never tried taking shots of my figures outdoors. In fact, now that I think of it, I’m not sure that I’ve taken more than a half dozen pictures outdoors. I should probably give it a shot sometime.

      • softz says:


        I was kinda… enough with the normal review stuff and thought that it’d be a good choice to go around Singapore, since I’ve not been out for sometimes due to my work. So why not just kill two birds with a stone (go out with my wife and get some photos done for my newly acquired figure).

        I find outdoor photography easier, lesser lighting issues (except that people may be staring at me for curiosity). Of course, they may not be as pro as yours. Btw, I haven’t tried the tutorials you shared back then (using multiple lights), realizing that I don’t have that many spare bulbs at home. I must try them one day. ;)

  7. alucard13mm says:

    seems less weird taking ur figures into public if u had another person or two with you. ur right, shes awesome.

    • softz says:

      What can I say. I’m very shy when it comes to outdoor photo-taking for figures. The thoughts of people looking at me and imagining as some freak or pervert haunt me always.Fortunately, I’ve my wifey to help me out always. I must admit. Saber Lily and my wifey… they are both awesome. ;)

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