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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not being able to post anything for ten days. I was darn busy with work. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy Chinese New Year. May you have a blessed and great year ahead. “Huat ah!”

Finally, I managed to un-box Alleyne for a photo-shoot session after owning her for months. She is believed to be one of the most popular Queen’s Blade characters. In this post, I’ll not provide a 360-degree-shot of her since there are already a lot reviews about her out there. However, I’ll try to point out what stands out as much as possible. Also, I’d include two wallpapers which I hope you’ll like them.

About Alleyne

Alleyne (アレイン) is one of the oldest and most seasoned veteran warriors of a tribe of forest elves. She has lived over a thousand years. Alleyne is taciturn and blunt in her dealings with others. She has the habit of teaching others but due to her nature, the conversation usually turns into a lecture. The other elves call her “instructor” out of deep respect.

Alleyne tends to talk like a prophet in normal conversations. But, as an instructor, she provides precise, easily understandable and concrete guidance. The Veteran Mercenary Echidna is an old acquaintance of hers whom she acknowledges her skills but disapproves her wild behavior. Alleyne would preach to Echidna when they meet, but Echidna would, in return, mock at Alleyne for living a thousand years without any experience with men. Their relationship is so complicated that no one knows if they’re friends or foes.

One day, Alleyne found a helpless half-elf girl, Nowa, wandering in the Elf Forest. She taught her boujutsu, the art of using a stick as a weapon. As Nowa showed an unexpected talent for it, Alleyne gave her the unimportant task of being the Forest Keeper without much thought. Nowa adores her deeply. Before Alleyne noticed it, a special feeling that she had forgotten during those hundred of years reawakened for the naive girl.

However, in order to get rid of Nowa, the heartless Elf Forest’s council ordered Alleyne to have Nowa participate in Queen’s Blade. Distraught, Alleyne gave that suicidal order and left the forest quietly to protect Nowa.

Voiced by Eri Kitamura in the anime, she is illustrated by Matsuryu.

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

I believe that illustration below, a work of Rin Shin, is used as the sculpting reference.

MegaHouse did a very good job with this figure. She is very well sculpted and the paint job is superb. She stands approximately 20cm and has all the curves are at the right place. Her beret looks great on her, with small prints at the front and a large print on top. It is an exact replica of the illustration.

With the cape around Alleyne, as you can see from the following photos, she looks great as a sexy combat instructor. Her cape is sculpted in a way that you can see and experience the dynamic reflections of light from different viewing angles.

Next, we look at the back of Alleyne. Her hair is sculpted to mimic long lustrous hair being blown in a windy day. Even her leafy boots are sculpted with great detail having all the creases in the right places. The stave that Alleyne is holding was actually slid into her hands, with one side of the tip detachable.

In fact, Alleyne looks stunningly sexy from almost every angle. The look of her partially covered milky breasts from a bird-eye view can be very alluring too.

Look at the amount of details put into the the creases of the scarf (cape) around her neck. The color designed of her leafy chemise and and cape contrast each other providing a very vibrant and stunning look.

Of course, we’ve already expected that this Alleyne is a castoff-able figure. In fact, the castoff method employed by MegaHouse is very efficient as there isn’t a need for dislocating the limbs to remove her clothing, unlike other manufacturers. This will prevent the joints from loosening easily. However, in order to remove the cape, the head must first be dislocated. It took me some time to figure this out when I was trying to remove the protective plastic out after taking her out from the box. I didn’t know that she works like my other figure Uesugi Kenshin.

With the removal of her cape and her innocent look from this very angle, she looks even more sensual than usual.

Alleyne wears a very short mini skirt, with a small piece of cloth covering the front of her love nest. The sculpted gathers of the skirt allows the figure to look more realistic.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

The belt on the skirt is very nicely sculpted and painted. There are little fine prints spaced equally along the belt. What I like most about the belt is the buckle. The amount of effort placed in sculpting it is manifested clearly through this piece of work. The buckle and the ends of the belt are very detailed as well.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Besides those amazing little details on the belt, the sculptor actually threw in an additional small white pouch hanging near her belt and skirt. I believe that I didn’t see the pouch in the illustration.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

As you can see from the photos, Alleyne also wears a choker. The nicely designed choker is also removable. However, I prefer to leave it on to avoid her neck looking too long when viewed from the right side. This is my only complain about this figure.

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

It’s Not-Safe-For-Work.

Please do not click on the link if you are a below 18 years of age.

NSFW — Toggle Visibility

Queen’s Blade Official Website

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19 responses to “Alleyne (Allean) of Queen’s Blade (MegaHouse)”

  1. divinelight says:

    Alleyne looks so cute, much because she is an elf anyway.
    I really want to toggle that, but I’ll wait till I got home lol.

  2. Katsura-chan says:

    Aaaaah elves !! (driving crazy)
    Love elves, all of them lol and Alleyne is awesomely cute. Well an elf MUST look hot, that’s the most basic attribute a character must have to be called an elf lol
    Anyway, i love this figure, sadly couldn’t get it myself because of money self-restriction.
    I like her pose so much, looks very appealing and attractive.

  3. chubbybots says:

    Ah perfect setup in the outdoors :D Love the photos man ^^ I am slowly getting fond of QB characters after seeing Lyli’s review and yours….

    Speaking of elves my favorite is still Deed from Lodess Wars. And there was a very hot evil elf in there that was Asuhran’s side kick.

    Oh nice cast off too grinning *_*

  4. mikiwank says:

    It is true that we are often busy and keep the blog updated is not necessarily obvious. A nice article well written and a concise answer. Thank you for a job well done.
    Regarding the figure, I much prefer it without his cape and beret.

    Are you ok to exchange link ? :)

  5. Lylibellule says:

    Happy Chinese New Year too !

    There’s sun in your photos! Great :D
    Again great work and an outstanding review. Deeply appreciated. Given wallpaper are superb <3
    The only reproach i have against Alleyne is that her hat should have been magnetized ^^

  6. rockleelotus says:

    lol i wasnt able to update my blog for quite a while too lately, being too busy to blog is quite a bummer but you gotta do what you gotta do. so dont worry about it ^_^

    love the QB girls and its hard for me to resist elves :3 i agree she looks more sensual without the cape! great shots and i must say the last two from the NSFW set are glorious!!

  7. Yi says:

    I love the shots with her cape and hat removed. She has really nice curves. These are very very beautiful photographs!
    This makes me want to buy her!

  8. B-Mecha says:

    Nice photos! :o I love the way u arrange the figure together with the plants.

    HoweverI would prefer the Alleyne in the 2nd pic, this figure doesn’t poison me that much. Hope they will release a cuter version :D

  9. GREW says:

    I like your pictures.
    She fits very well with the Background. nice choice.

  10. Leonia says:

    I hesitate between this version for the quality and Griffon adaptation for the pose. But this one is better ^^ Thank a lot for this sharing. Pictures are really beautiful :)

  11. heathorn says:

    nice photos!! She can blend very well with the background, her outfit is like a camouflage, hahaha :D

    Though I don’t watch queens blade, I think she is the cutest one. You know, QB girls tend to have oversized oppai. But she is ‘normal’ ^^

  12. Tier says:

    Ahh I want this figure. The preorders for her closed out pretty quickly so I missed out then, and then when she came in stock at most retailers, I waffled too long and now she’s sold out again. I will instead vicariously enjoy this figure through your photographs.

  13. Yi says:

    I am definitely going to try to get a QB figure soon. I’m still debating on whom though.

  14. moemoekyun says:

    Happy new year (sorry late ^^;)
    I agree with you I like alleyne and airi the most

  15. BioToxic says:

    Alleyne is an awesome figure :D. I really like your photos of her and a nice review too.

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