Plaza Market Café @ Fairmont, Singapore – International Buffet

March 6th, 2010 15 Commented

This is for the foodies. :)

My family and I made a visit to Plaza Market Café at Fairmont Singapore last month to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Coincidentally, the Chinese new year festivity was still around and we decided to try out the Chinese New Year special buffet menu, which includes Yu Sheng! We arrived at 6pm sharp so that we could have an early dinner. The restaurant space isn’t huge but more like a family restaurant size. The decor had a mix of some peranakan furnishings and 60’s American commercial art printed on their window blinds. Its an unusual mix, which I wouldn’t make it out to be a restaurant from a 5 star hotel.

Now down to the food, being a typical Asian, I would normally go for the more costly food first. :) Here, I took four types of dishes, namely the Yu Sheng with Norwegian salmon, salmon sashimi, fresh oyster, fresh chilled tiger prawns and a small piece of cracker. The Yu Sheng was great, but it’s not advisable to eat too much as it would make you full very fast.

Oyster fiesta!!! The oysters were fresh, they were shiny and juicy. They are best to eat with lemon juice and tabasco sauce. Trust me!

Chilled flower crabs. It was disappointing that they served flower crabs for their chilled seafood. You usually don’t get enough meat from the flower crabs. Nonetheless, they had a black pepper savory hot dish which tasted much fragrant and I’m very certain they weren’t flower crabs. That saved the day.

The Black pepper crabs. Look at the pincers! Much bigger than the flower crabs. More meat!

Here are my two cuties (Mio-chan and Yui-chan) playing me a rock song before I have some pasta, potato wedges, mushrooms and roasted pork.

Some local delights such as Otah, coffee pork ribs, Kailan and mushrooms were available. The Otah and coffee pork ribs were great. Succulent and fragrant!

Yui-chan telling me that the Mee Siam looks delicious!

And they wouldn’t stop singing even when I was about to savor a delicious bowl of clear chicken and melon soup.

They had fun playing with chocolate coins and ingots! A must have during Chinese new year so that we will always be prosperous! Whoo-hoo!

They decided that the chocolate coins looked like good props for photo-taking while I tried some peranakan favorites such as beef rendang and ayam buah keluak.

Finally it was time for desserts. They were so delighted to see the colorful and sweet delicacies! The chocolate mouse cake was great!

Well, I think the food was overall acceptable. The peranakan food and some local delights were great. However, without the Chinese new year variety, I think wouldn’t have that much of an appeal. I wouldn’t mind coming here again if it had another special menu tied with a festivity. If not, I think Equinox would be much better!

Official Plaza Market Café website

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15 responses to “Plaza Market Café @ Fairmont, Singapore – International Buffet”

  1. rockleelotus says:

    oh the food looks very good, especially the coffee pork ribs! my Saber Lion dashed to the monitor after seeing that plate *coffeeee* :P

    i think Yui and Mio kept playing in hopes of receiving some samples of the yummies… see, during the deserts they jumped on the plate! Lol

  2. Xine says:

    We stayed at the Fairmont last November but we didn’t get to try dining at the Plaza Market Cafe. I love that hotel.

    Your pictures made me hungry. Now I’m craving for salmon. ^^; It sure is nice to bring along Mio and Yui with you, kawaii!

  3. softz says:

    Cool! Fairmont is one of the top hotel out there. I’ve only stayed in Swiss Hotel, it’s neighbor.

    Salmon is the must have whenever having a buffet. ;)

  4. Lylibellule says:

    A post that makes me hungry! All those dishes looks delicious. Oysters look enormous!
    Lol; Mio and Yui are funny with their gold chocolate nuggets on their heads :D

  5. moemoekyun says:

    nuuuu food post when I am hungry ORZ
    where is ritsu anyway there >_>
    <_< or there

  6. chubbybots says:

    Ah typical asian goes for the more expensive food first haha that is so right :D Aim for high value stuff ^^

    Wah….your photos are making me hungry….

    Seafood lover detected!!! Its nice having your nendos play you a song while ya eating ^^ Puts you in a nice mood :D

  7. divinelight says:

    the food looks tasty.
    I like seafood too.

  8. softz says:

    Thanks Lyli. :)

    Eh… Ritsu is still in the box. Lazying inside. :)

    Yeah.. seafood is the most expensive one I guess. Must whack more!!! I was quite surprised when I saw my China nationalist colleagues not taking seafood. They went for sausages and hams instead when we had a gathering. *shocked*

    Cool! Seafood lovers rock!

  9. Yi says:

    Those sashimi and that lobster look soooo good. I love seafood and I am so hungry right now for some.
    And the crabs… so delicious looking.

  10. heathorn says:

    ugh, delicious pics!!
    cant resist, I guess tonight I’ll eat seafood cup noodle, hahaha

    whats coffee pork ribs? Has coffee flavour?

    your yui and mio are having a great time :D

  11. softz says:

    Cup noodle is delicious! Nissin brand?
    Coffee pork ribs are cooked with coffee powder so that the pork ribs consist of the coffee taste. There is also XO favored where they added the XO liquor. You should try. :)

  12. Fabrice says:

    Ha, another fellow singaporean blogger!

    Ye i went to fairmont last time i visited back.
    oysters Yum!

    might as well ask you here, do you want to do banner exchange? ^^

  13. softz says:

    It’s cool! It’s my pleasure. I’d love to exchange banner with you. I’ll prepare a banner of your desire size.

  14. Fabrice says:

    Here the Banner for your links =)
    thanks for the banner exchange!
    ive added you now. See you around the blogsphere!

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