Yui Hirasawa of K-On! (Good Smile Company) – My Broken Guitar

March 10th, 2010 21 Commented

I’ve decided to blog about a nendoroid today. This nendoroid of my is none other than K-On’s Yui Hirasawa. If you’ve watched K-On Anime, she should be no stranger to you. Since this is my first time posting about a nendoroid, I’m going to try a different approach.

This little cutie came in last month if I remember correctly. In fact, I should have first uploaded this post (before my previous eatery post) to provide a better introduction of her. Well, it’s better late than never. :) Also, I’ve made most of the photos click-able to view a better, clearer and larger of its version.

From the image below, we can see that this nendoroid has three types of face which allow her to beam with smiling face, sob with a crying face and be ready with a determined face. The box also included another three arms and three hands, and a pairs of legs. Her guitar and an amplifier are also included. She is approximately 100mm in height.

As Yui-chan sits on the mini rattan, she waves out to you with both hands showing peace signs. Her big bright eyes and short hair make her look very cute (可愛い).

Yui: “はじめまして。名前わ平沢唯です。”

softz: “It means… Nice to meet you. I’m Yui Hirasawa.”

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Yui-chan is the main character of K-On!, a member of the light music club, who has no experience in playing any musical instruments or reading music sheet.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

I think she wants to show us her Giita. Yui-chan owns a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul electric guitar that she named it ‘Giita’ (ギー太).

[Click on the image for the larger version]

I guess she is even determined to play and sing a song or two for us. :) As she is known to forget lyrics always, I wonder… can she do it?

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Yui: “Don’t look down on me. I can do it.”

Wow! Yui-chan seems determined. Alright, we know that she has always been working hard to get better at playing the guitar. Probably it’s time for her to prove herself.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Yui: “Arrggghh!!” *Sobs… sobs…*

softz: “What happened Yui-chan?”

[Click on the image for the larger version]

softz: “Okay, you’ve got the guitar strap with you. Where is your guitar? Don’t tell me you left it some where or you lost it?”

[Click on the image for the larger version]

softz: “Oh my goodness?! The guitar is broken?! Isn’t that a new guitar?!”

Although we know that Yui-chan is always clumsy but seeing her cry does cause heartache too.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

I was really shocked when I opened the box and found the guitar wasn’t in one piece. I don’t know if anyone of you’ve experienced this as well. But, it’s definitely not a pleasant one to me, and definitely not for my Yui-chan. Sometimes, I wonder if their QAs are doing their work. Shouldn’t they do a thorough check before packing?

softz: “Yui-chan, not to worry. We have brother UHU may be able to help. Hope it’ll get it fixed.” (I’m doing some advertising here. UHU, please donate some money to me. ;))

From my experience, it’s actually not advisable to use glue on the PVC as it’ll cause color fasting.

softz: “Taa daa!!! Yui, now the Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul electric guitar looks like a new one.” *Trying to pamper her. Shhhh…*

Apart from the broken guitar, it’s actually quite well painted even though the guitar doesn’t have any strings sculpted on it. For such a small sized guitar, I must give credit to the sculptor.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Yui: “どうもありがとうございます。”

[Click on the image for the larger version]

It’s always great to see the smile on Yui-chan’s face again.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Hmmm… her motivation and morale are back.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Yui: “Testing… one… two… tree…”

softz: “Eh… Yui-chan, it’s three, not tree.” *Sigh*

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Wow! Brilliant! All her hard work does pay off. Also, do you know that she can tune her guitar perfectly without a tuner? She did that and Azusa was very impressed.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Now, Yui-chan is getting more excited that she even raises one of her legs. ;)

[Click on the image for the larger version]

softz: “Whooppss, Yui-chan, you didn’t switch on your amplifier.” *Zzz*

She is still as clumsy and blur as usual. *LOL*

Anyway, if you are interested in listening to some samples of the K-On! songs. You can visit this post.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Official K-On! website

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21 responses to “Yui Hirasawa of K-On! (Good Smile Company) – My Broken Guitar”

  1. GREW says:

    Nice Nendo, even I’m not that big K-On fan like some others.

    But indeed, cute ^^
    And good that you fixed it. Kinda sad that something new break. It sucks.

  2. bd says:

    Aha… Your’s also broken I see. Yui is too cute to ignore (even I bought her) but her Giita… Fixed mine with Mr. Cement. :D

  3. divinelight says:

    is that really easily broken?
    I see you and bd has the same broken guitar.

  4. Nopy says:

    I love her double V pose, so cute.

  5. chubbybots says:

    ah you reminded me of bd’s post :D He had the same damage as yours!!

    But with her determination nothing will get in her way :D just feed her cakes hehe ^^

  6. moemoekyun says:

    I heard the worst defect is in nendoroid yume-asakura on her nekomimi ear but I am not sure yet since I haven’t checked mine

  7. Blowfish says:

    Oh my what a bummer to find a broken guitar in the box.
    I am somtimes shocked how sloppy their Quality Department must check their stuff.
    I got a faulty dakimakura last year and it was really,really stressful to get a replacement

    • softz says:

      I understand how you feel. Sometimes, I received very dented box too. But, faulty figurines are really unacceptable. I don’t even know if we could send back and it won’t be worth the money since we’ve gotta pay the shipping fees.

  8. Katsura-chan says:

    Yuck that’s some bad luck :( I hope i won’t receive a broken nendo in the future. Ok this one was easily fixable but still …
    What’s awesome though is that you manage to present it very sweetly lol At first i thought the broken guitar was an included part to go along with her big eyes crying face :D
    Anyway glad Yui is happy again, it’s way better to have a happy Yui around after all ^^

  9. rockleelotus says:

    gitah is very delicate, like they purposely did it just to make Yui cry XD but she is cute and determined, and thanks to your help still rocking on lol great shots, cant get enough of her and the double victory v^_^v

  10. Lylibellule says:

    For a first nendo review, i think it’s very successful because she’s surrounded with a lot of humor and illustrated with nice photos.
    I love the part where Yui found out what happened to her guitar.
    But well you weren’t lucky here, fortunately it could be fixed.

    Can’t wait to see your next nendo review. I can feel it’s going to be great! :)

  11. Xine says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Yui’s broken guitar. It’s good that you’re able to fix it, otherwise, Yui would have been really depressed.

    Cute pics! ^^

  12. LEon says:

    Did you feedback to GSC about your broken guitar? I love the amp more than the guitar. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  13. mikiwank says:

    I love your nendo review. Cause it’s fun and you make nice pics to illustrate this.
    Bad luck for this sunburst les paul. But you have make good job to repare it. :)

  14. Fabrice says:

    Wow nice photo shoot. and luckily the uhu glue worked,
    Id go mental if that happened to me =P

    hehe anyway yui <3

  15. AS says:

    Sorry to see that it broke. Sucks when something like that happens. The only time I had a broken one come in was my Kanu from Wani Books. Her leg was popping out from her body :/. Luckily I was able to glue it together on the inside so it’s not obvious. Nice story ^^.

    I added you to my blogroll. Mind adding me back? Thanks ^^.

    • softz says:

      I guess it’ll be alright if the parts are fixable with glue and most importantly, there are no visible traces of the flaws.

      Also, thank you for adding the blogroll. I appreciate it very much. Also, I’ve just added yours too.

  16. Yi says:

    That’s unfortunate about Gita. You’d think they would check it first…
    I love the effects in that last photograph.
    She’s so adorable. ^ ^

  17. mikiwank says:

    I’ve receive my Figma Yui Hirasawa. She’s fantastic, only I regret she haven’t marshall ampli in her box… :(

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