Mellben Seafood @ Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

April 3rd, 2010 7 Commented

Mellben Seafood – The highly raved crab bee-hoon (vermicelli) in town. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this hidden gem situated in a developed neighborhood. The tantalizing and sweet flavor of the crab soup pulled me back for the second time.

Now, despite it being a coffee shop situated in a neighborhood, it sees no less of customers, especially during the weekends. The placed will be teeming with hungry customers around 6pm, with a conspicuous long queue right outside its premises. The assistants will be geared up with their walkie-talkie ear pieces, informing the front-line staff of empty tables while you stand in line eagerly for your turn. To save time or perhaps to appease the hungry customers in a way, you will be asked to make your orders while you wait in line. Now that’s a smart move as well – you wouldn’t walkway that easily. :)

The big bright signboard just above it.

Melben Seafood

Now, we went on a weekday late afternoon just to beat the queue after catching Clash of the Titans. We made our order for their famous crab bee-hoon and butter crab once we were seated. We knew what not to order because we tried their chili crab previously, which was mediocre.

This card will be given to you once you’ve made your order. But the waiting time is usually shorter than what’s stated.

Waiting time

The counter area of Mellben Seafood.

Melben Seafood counter area

It had its fair share of crab lovers despite it being a weekday.

Melben Seafood restaurant

While waiting and dreaming of the crab galore, you will be served free salted peanuts. Nice.

Roasted peanut

Golden buns, this is a must when you order your crabbies. These golden buns are fragrantly fried to give you the pleasure of dipping in your butter or chili crab sauce. But I realized the best way to fully appreciate it is to break the bun and stuff in some crab meat and sauce. Yummy! Its costs $2 SGD for 5 buns anyway.

Golden buns

The famous Crab Bee-hoon! We simply love the smooth, sweet and full of fresh crab flavor in this soup. Warning it will leave your taste-buds dying for more! Since there were only the two of us, we ordered an average crab, weighing about 1kg, which would cost roughly $40 SGD.

Crab Bee-hoon

And presenting to you… the Butter Crab! This fellow did not disappoint us. The butter taste was not overwhelming but sweet and tasty, accentuated with a few curry leaves.

Butter crab

Look at this big juicy claw!

Butter crab claw

More yumminess!

Butter crab body

At the end of the day, before we left the little piece of heaven, we took a snapshot of the queue. Its scarier during the weekends! I would advice all people to be there at 6pm or earlier to catch the worm!

Long queue at Melben Seafood

Conclusion: Order only the Crab Bee-hoon and Butter Crab if you want to taste the best!

Location: Blk 232, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-1222
Opening hours: 5pm to 11.30pm daily
Buses to reach there: 232, 166, 169 from Ang Mo Kio bus interchange

Items ordered:
1 standard sized Crab Bee-hoon (about 1 kg),
1 standard sized Butter Crab,
1 Lime juice and 1 Soft drink

Cost of total bill: $91 SGD after GST


Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Pricing: 7/10

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7 responses to “Mellben Seafood @ Ang Mo Kio, Singapore”

  1. Fabrice says:

    OMG i hate you lol
    I miss crab so much D:

    But i prefer chili crab :3

    i havent been there …yet but ive heard of it, since my parents went there actually a couple weeks ago D:

  2. divinelight says:

    Crab is nice, but I’ve never seen Butter Crab like that before.
    Have never seen it’s sold here in my town either.

    Oh yeah, I’m moving to new site, hope you don’t mind updating my link. thanks.

  3. Xine says:

    That butter crab looks really tasty! Hope we can vist Singapore again soon. ^^

  4. moemoekyun says:

    Hi mr Krab ^^ sadly you must end in softz stomach lol

  5. AS says:

    Wow, that’s got to be one of the places I visit when I go to Singapore lol. That crab looks very delicious and cheap to boot ^^. I usually don’t eat crab but this looks too good to pass up.

  6. Yi says:

    That butter crab… I need to stop reading your entries at late night, because I always get really hungry whenever you post food picks, and all the restaurants are closed.

  7. heathorn says:

    5 pm to 11.30 pm
    oh well, but I kinda understand, eating crab is suitable for dinner when you have free time to enjoy the meal slowly ^^

    thx for the info
    will try this with my friends!

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