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May 19th, 2010 6 Commented

Last Saturday, my wife and I patronized our favorite IT mall, Challenger at Funan Center. We were walking around the games section and looking at some of the latest games. This particular game, Alan Wake, caught our eyes as we stood there spectating someone playing it. I’m never a fan of any horror movies or games. But somehow, I was totally intrigued by its in-game cutscene and gameplay.

So, I decided to purchase a copy of the Limited Collector’s Edition after having a wonderful hands-on experience of the game at an available game station.

Alan Wake, is a new psychological thriller game developed by Remedy entertainment and published by Microsoft. According to wikipedia, Alan Wake was announced at E3 2005. But it had been in the planning stages as early as 2001. Almost ten years in total! Can you imagine that?

Alan Wake is a bestselling crime fiction author who hasn’t managed to write anything in over two years. His wife, Alice, brought him to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls for a vacation to recover his creative flow of writing. Everything was wonderful. They were greeted by the friendly townsfolk before reaching their house in the middle of Cauldron Lake. However, the thrill begins when Alan left the house after a heated dispute with Alice. He heard her screaming and ran back only to find that she had fallen into the lake. He dived in immediate but only to find himself in a car with a wounded head. The gameplay experience starts here…

To know more about the story, I urge you to play the game. :) I’ve just finished episode one and starting on episode two soon. This game has six episodes altogether.

Next, what’s in the limited collector’s edition of Alan Wake? It is packaged in a case which resembles a hardcover book.

The package consists of the game, a 144-page book entitled The Alan Wake Files, a soundtrack CD, a code redeemable for the game’s first add-on episode, and an Avatar shirt and Theme. The limited edition also includes a number of making-of videos, an unreleased trailer from 2006, and developer commentary that is installed to the hard drive or memory unit and enabled in-game.

Here are some photo contents in the book. It comes with various gorgeous colored illustrations taken from the game. It also includes the interviews of various characters from the game, the manuscript, Alan Wake’s fiction, the non-fiction and etc.

If you want to experience a thrilling, moody and gorgeous enjoyment of gameplay session, do get yourself a copy of the original Alan Wake XBOX 360 game or the Limited Collector’s Edition version now.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment. :)

Official Alan Wake website

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6 responses to “XBOX 360: Alan Wake”

  1. BioToxic says:

    Alan Wake is an interesting game, even if the hero has a lame name and the premise is rather unexciting (oh noes, an author). The flashlight/gun mechanic is different and certainly adds tension since your instinct is to shoot first.

    However I wouldn’t buy this game myself. Too many games now are pick up and play once. Everything is becoming too cinematic for my liking, and this game certainly feels like that. Heavy Rain is in a similar boat. Also my 3rd Xbox 360 iteration has RRoD’d so I can’t play it anyway.

    The good thing about these games (Heavy Rain, Alan Wake etc) though is they are great to watch others playing. Jumping on youtube and watching someone play through Heavy Rain can be enjoyable and saves the disappointment felt when you finish a game and shelf it. Or maybe that’s just me having being spoiled by MMOs with large amounts of changing content.

    • softz says:

      Hmmm… pretty interesting opinion you have there. I don’t really buy game hastily actually. I normally go for platinum hits to get them at their cheapest price.

      The main purpose of buying this game is that my wife enjoys it too, other than GoW, GoW2 and Lego series. However, I must admit that I enjoy the storyline too not forgetting the gorgeous environment and foggy effects in the game simply makes it more thrilling and scary. Hence, I bought it :) I heard from many that Heavy Rain is great too but it’s more like watching a movie. I don’t have a PS3 so any PS3 is out for me. :)

  2. Fabrice says:

    I would so definetly get this if i had an … xbox =.=
    i liked the way they packed it,
    Mhmm i need to go to my friends house and try it ^^

  3. Yi says:

    I’m not familiar with Alan Wake, but trailer looks really cool!

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