Alphard of Canaan Series (Good Smile Company) – My damaged box

June 8th, 2010 23 Commented

I went to the post office last Saturday to pick up the figure, Alphard, with a delighted heart. However, when I received the parcel, my heart sank. The corrugated box was dented at every corner. I started to wonder about the state of my figure’s original box. As I got home, I immediately opened the corrugated box to look at the fate of my figure. When I saw the figure’s box, I was totally disappointed. Look at the two photos below. This isn’t the first time I experience such tragedy, though the first one wasn’t as bad.

What would you do if your figure’s box ended up like this? The first time when it happened, I emailed the three parties, namely Play-Asia, Hongkong Post and SingPost, and demanded for explanations. All the parties were pushing the blame to one another. The last answer I received was why didn’t I go for EMS. Oh darn! It still happened to me when I ordered with EMS postage service, though it was never this bad (just minor dents), or rather I’ve not experience such bad services yet (I hope I won’t).

Look at the top of the box. It was completely destroyed, crumpled, out of shape or whatever term you would use on it. I believe the fault lies on the postman or the store man who loaded the boxes in to the plane or storage area. Seriously, can’t they be more responsible and careful?!?! In fact, this kind of service is totally not acceptable!! I would appreciate it very, very much if more love and care were placed in your work (postman/store man). But, of course, I don’t rule out that there are also many responsible and passionate postmen and store men out there who perform incredibly at their jobs. I salute you guys! Sigh… Okay enough of the complains and lamentations, I’m sorry to make you reading all my frustrations.

Thank God that the figure survived in one good piece despite the calamity that happened to the box. After indulging myself with games and busy programming schedules for some time, the anger and disappointment have pushed me to write this post. So, here you go… Alphard of Canaan a sculpture brought to you by Good Smile Company.

Alphard, sculpted by Kunihito Iwamoto, stands approximately 200mm in height. She costs about 8,800 yen including tax.

Alphard Alshua is the Canaan series’ most prominent villain, She is an attractive young woman who is both the leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, which is responsible for both the Shinjuku and Shanghai terrorists attacks and Canaan’s arch-enemy.

Once Sham’s apprentice and known as Canaan, she has since thrown away the identity and adopted her current name. Prior to the events of 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de, Alphard, Sham and Canaan were hired to hijack an armored military train containing the Ua virus. During the assignment Alphard betrayed her teammates when it was revealed their client ordered her to kill all witnesses, including them. She shot Sham and left him to die while escaping with the virus. She appears easily capable of taking down Canaan even though the latter uses her synesthesia, reasoning that she is no longer manipulated by feelings (unlike Canaan).

Alphard carries a FN Five-seveN USG as a sidearm.

Source from Wikipedia

Alphard is sculpted with a sinister smile, which really suits her characteristic as a villain. I wasn’t a fan of hers initially. In fact, I even wondered why I ordered this figure. However, her charmingly cunning look and smile do play an important role in developing my liking towards this figure.

I find the base pretty interesting, depicting a rocky/sandy/muddy construction area. I believe the base can be made more realistic, though it’s already quite impressive.

Here are some views from various angles. As you can see, the figure has a dynamic action pose which made her look awesome.

Alphard’s professional swift turn in counter-attacking her enemy is portrayed clearly by the sculptor through the fluttering of her coat.

Unlike many fancy female figures, Alphard has a pair of simple boots. They look simpler than my working pair of shoes. Well, I’m not complaining about them as I’m pretty satisfied with the shaded paint jobs and the creases found on her trousers.

Her gloves are simple too. Darn! There is a defect on the glove. It’s impossible to see it when you are looking or observing the figure with your naked eyes. Sigh… I suppose that nothing can be hidden from the camera lenses.

Next, lets take a look at the cape. The pockets look rather fake to me (or perhaps they are there for fashion?!?! :)). Do you see those lines on the coat? I bet you won’t see them under normal light condition. As GSC’s current lack of quality control, I should refrain myself from commenting too much on those defects.

This "43kg" attractive lady is supported by a piece of metal connecting the base to her left sole. This actually worries me as I don’t wish to witness the figure toppling towards the ground. If you, readers, have any tips on preventing this mishap, please do share them with me.

For the next two photos, I’ve made wallpapers of them. You may use them if you like my humble shots.

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

[Click on the image for the larger version]
Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

Check out her abs. Do you see Alphard’s six packs there? Darn! I only have one big pack. Gosh!!! Now, I’m jealous.

I know some of you may say that she looks like a man… Well, she has boobs. Okay, I do understand that many men have boobs too. But… she is a lady says the anime. Just accept the fact ok. :)

Now, I really like the sly look of hers. Heee!

Canaan Official Website

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23 responses to “Alphard of Canaan Series (Good Smile Company) – My damaged box”

  1. chubbybots says:

    Don’t worry you are not the only one with one ‘big’ pack in the middle haha!

    But its sad to hear of such shoddy and irresponsible service….thank goodness nothing happen to your figure.

    • softz says:

      Yep, I was kinda sad about the incident. I guess there goes one figure without a box. Hope I won’t be so unlucky next time.

  2. Yi says:

    I’m sorry to hear that about the box. I recently got a figure delivered too, and I was mad that the box was damaged, but not to the extent yours was. I can only imagine how furious you were when you opened up the parcel.

    Alphard is a lovely character, and despite some minor defects, I like this figure. I love her pose and her expression. Her curves and abs are gorgeous as well.

    Also, thanks for the beautiful wallpapers. I think I’m going to use the second one.

    • softz says:

      Yep, I totally agree with you. In fact, a slight dent could drive us mad. Finally, I’d no choice but to throw away the box. It’s way beyond repair. The figure pose is definitely awesome. Initially, I felt some discomfort with the face. But, as time goes by, I learnt to live with it. :)

  3. AS says:

    It’s sad to hear about the condition of the box. I know lots of collectors who keep their boxes even after they display their figures, myself included, so seeing it like that is rather painful. It’s good to hear the figure wasn’t damaged though.

    I like the base as well, always good when its not a plain base. Ya, GSC quality control is slipping, they can afford it I guess since they’re so big now. Love the pose, action poses are always cool.

  4. Fabrice says:

    OMG O.O
    man your so lucky that the figure was intact.. dam what postage did you get? SAL?

    thats pretty bad. id go mental. rage~

    • softz says:

      I dont’t think it’s SAL? I think it’s some air-parcel provided by the post office. I normally ordered through it because EMS is too costly (easily another 20 dollars). But this time was really bad. I bet they were stacking some really heavy stuff on my parcel, or worse… they threw the heavy parcel on top of mine… :(

  5. Fabienne says:

    Oh you had very bad luck with the destroyed package, will you keep the box or put it in the trash?
    Alphard is a though girl so she survived like in the anime show ;D

    I really like her face with the evil expression.
    such an expression is really rare in the figure industry
    her outfit is also very cool with the suspender ,trousers and the jacket.

    • softz says:

      Yep, it was darn bad luck for me. Initially, I wanted to keep the box, but the plastic around the internal was beyond repair. So, I ended up thrashing it.

      We have similar idea. I find her cunning look rather interesting and charming too. I like her pose pretty much, something different from the rest of my collections.

  6. BioToxic says:

    Damn, that box had a good thrashing before you got it. At least Alphard is undamaged.

    She looks really nice. I’m not a fan of her sharp face though, she looks very snake-like – which I suppose is her character, but still. Do you have/plan to get Canaan to go with her?

    • softz says:

      Yep, thank God nothing happens to my figure. I definitely agree with you on the face (snake-like). LOL! But I guess I grew to like her (figure) more and more now. I’m even using her as my avatar. :)

  7. divinelight says:

    too bad for the damaged box, well it’s good that the figure is okay.
    Like the pose, really action-like.

    • softz says:

      After venting my frustration and disappointment, I feel better now. She is in my glass cupboard happily with Canaan. I’ll see when I’ve the change to do some photo-shooting with Canaan. Both have nice poses, despite the “not so good” painting job.

  8. Aya says:

    Hi my first time here ^^
    8-O but at least that box do it’s job with secure the content undamaged.
    How I wish they make Canaan Season 2 i miss alphard so much

    • softz says:

      Thank you for the visit Aya. I do agree with you, but it’s sad that I can’t keep a nice box. Anyway, I’ve not watched Canaan and I’m really tempted to watch after knowing that you and several people are hoping for Canaan Season 2. :)

      • Aya says:

        honestly i haven’t watch all the episode also :) and the ending implied there will be NO season 2 also. i just like lady killer character ^^ that’s why i don’t mind if alphard return in spin-off maybe

  9. Tier says:

    I wasn’t all that fond of the Canaan figures when they were announced, but after seeing all the reviews that’ve been popping up lately, I think my opinion of them is improving. Maybe it’s Alphard’s tube top and suspenders combo, that looks really sharp. I also like how she’s holding her gun gangsta-sideways … she’s got style in spades.

    I like your pictures a lot, the warm atmosphere and the rust-colored tones looks perfect for a shootout.

    • softz says:

      Thanks Tier, I must confess that I didn’t like Alphard at all. I got it to complement Canaan. However, my liking for her grew. She does has a style of her very own. It turned out that I’m not regretting after all, except for the unfortunate box accident :)

  10. Nopy says:

    Wow, that’s the worst box I’ve seen in a while. Glad to see that Alphard was fine though. I’m one of those people that thinks she looks like a man, so she wasn’t on my get list :P

    • softz says:

      Me too. I just hate the fact that I had to go thru’ with the box. Also, I’ve gotta agree with you on her face. I notice that before pre-ordering but, I had to get her to have a complete set for the Canaan Series I hope.

      I think she looks pretty much alike to the anime. I just finished episode 2 :)

  11. Sucks about the box but it is a very cool fig. Was thinking about getting one myself.. need to finish the series first though! ^^

    • softz says:

      Hmm.. I’ve finished watching the series not long ago. I’m so glad that I purchased the two figures, Canaan and Alphard, though they should have done a better work in the paint-job. I hope to yours soon.

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