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July 13th, 2010 12 Commented

I first heard this song, Pure Pure Heart (ぴゅあぴゅあはーと) by K-On!, on You-Tube. It really caught my attention and being a K-On! fan, darn! I must get the CD and quickly watch K-On! Season 2, in my opinion, the music is catchy — not too slow — and energetic too.

Written by Mio and performed by the Hōkago Teatime, Pure Pure Heart is a new song the band released during the 7th episode in K-On!. They did a great performance for the Mio fan club members, which I think is very sweet and appreciable.

These are the images of the front and back cover of the CD I bought.

The CD appears to be bright red, a big contrast to the green background.

The track listing is as follows.

  1. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと
  2. 桜が丘女子高等学校校歌[Rock Ver.]
  3. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと (Instrumental)
  4. 桜が丘女子高等学校校歌[Rock Ver.] (Instrumental)
  5. ぴゅあぴゅあ はーと (Instrumental【-Guitar1】)
  6. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと (Instrumental【-Guitar2】)
  7. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと (Instrumental【-Keyboard】)
  8. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと (Instrumental【-Bass】)
  9. ぴゅあぴゅあはーと (Instrumental【-Drums】)

There isn’t any extra goodies in this CD since it’s not a limited or special edition. It comes with the lyrics of the songs too. Yep, from the listing you can see that there are actually two songs in the CD and the rest are instrumental.

I’ve included their performance for Pure Pure Heart here, taken from YouTube for your listening pleasure. However, I must say this again even though we must have seen it every where…


If you like the song, you can purchase the CD from here.

Official K-On! website

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12 responses to “K-On! Pure Pure Heart”

  1. Aya says:

    I like that Pink CD with heart on it.
    I didn’t know that Play-asia selling CDs thanks for the info,do they sell anime DVDs also ??

  2. Nopy says:

    I don’t remember seeing this CD when I was in Japan, but then again the only K-ON single I was looking for was Don’t Say Lazy. Did it just come out recently?

  3. chubbybots says:

    Agree on getting original ^^ Without buying the original how will the developers get funds for making good stuff that we all love!

  4. AS says:

    I found quite a few of the K-On CD’s that we bought last year in Japan at a used store. By then K-On was quite a big hit. I loved this episode, Mio was so cute ^^.

  5. Fabrice says:

    Me too i got this =)
    I simply love this, Mio sure is a better singer in my opinion ^^

    That episode as well was nice =)

  6. Yi says:

    This has some really nice tracks.

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