Thai Express @ Sun Plaza, Singapore

July 5th, 2010 28 Commented

Finally, there’s another good eatery that stepped foot into Sun plaza, Sembawang. Thai Express, the affordable Thai food maestro has welcomed its doors to the residents of Sembawang! Needless to say, I had to patronize it to show my support for them. So, I went there with my wife yesterday.

Their menu, is a vivid orange cover embossed with little elephant shapes. I think it goes well with their philosophy of life, Sa-Nook, which means to have enjoyment and fun.

I ordered Phat Thai, which is one of Thailand’s national dish. A plate of stir-fried rice noodles would be accompanied with condiments such as eggs, red chilli pepper, lime, peanuts, corriander and etc. Sometimes, tofu or beansprouts is added in. Mine came along with seafood, which is my favourite! It wasn’t too oily, full of flavour, and the consistency of the rice noodles was just right. I liked the crunchy peanuts and chilli flakes tossed in with the noodles – Yummy!

My wife ordered the Thai stir fried beef kway teow. It is not too oily and it came with generous servings of vegetables and thinly sliced beef. Toss in the chilli flakes, with bits of stir fried eggs and the soft kway teow, its fabulous! She enjoyed it a lot.

Thai stuffed chicken wings is one of Thai express’ popular dish. I thought the chicken wing was filled with a generous amount of fish cake mixture. However, I expected the skin to be more crispy. It was a little soft and thus you can’t taste much of a contrast with the filling, which is pretty soft too. Pairing it with the sweet sauce is a must.

The good old Tom yam soup with seafood is still as good as ever. The sourish biting on your throat as you slurp down the thin liquid, is simply pleasurable or Shiok! The prawns were fresh and crunchy and the rest of ingredients tasted good too.

And this is a must have! Red bean dessert . The smooth red bean paste paired with the refreshing coconut ice cream is a perfect combination. My wife is still craving for more now, even though she just had it yesterday.

As for myself, I had Thai Chendol for my dessert. I thought it had less ingredients compared to our local version of chendol. It was too sweet as well, with an overdose of caramel and sugar. Not for me I guess.

Official Thai Express website

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28 responses to “Thai Express @ Sun Plaza, Singapore”

  1. Aya says:

    hmm yummy :)
    somehow i miss thai express near here it disappear 2 years ago. :(

  2. Fabienne says:

    the chicken wings look a bit like the headcrabs from Half Life XD
    Im curious about how red bean paste tastes like, I’ve never ate it in my life.

    • softz says:

      You should try the red bean paste if you have a chance. It tastes great, especially with the coconut ice-cream. Of course, there are many ways of serving or cooking, make sure you try the one from a well-known restaurant. I bet you’ll enjoy it. :)

  3. chubbybots says:

    Dank…I am reading this post close to lunch…and I am getting hungry looking through your photos!!

    That red bean dessert is very nice, I had something similar when I was in Thailand :P

  4. Nopy says:

    I’ve never heard of Thai Express, but I just looked them up and there are 4 locations in my city. Looks like I’ll have someplace to go for lunch this weekend :)

  5. Yi says:

    I’m hungry for some Thai food now. Haven’t had Thai cuisine in a while. Great photos.

  6. Fabrice says:

    Thai Express… O.o never been there.
    But after seeing the pictures. i guess its worth a visit, probably on my next trip back to singapore.

    • softz says:

      Ah Fabrice…
      What have you been doing when you were back in Singapore. Singapore is a food paradise man. Thai Express is cheap and good, unless you go for fine dining ;)
      I’m planning to eat from Grange Road down to Orchard Boulevard… ;)

  7. heathorn says:

    yummy yummy…..
    The chicken wings looks like ginseng…..dunno why but that’s what flashed across my mind when I saw your photo :D

  8. divinelight says:

    I have one Thai restaurant nearby too, but I’m not really like to eat Thai foods.

  9. Xine says:

    I haven’t really given attention to Thai food maybe one of these days I will. ^^

  10. AS says:

    I had my first taste of Phat Thai yesterday xD, how ironic. It was sooo delicious. The noodles were not too chewy but had a good consistency to it. Not too much herbs which I liked. But the sauce (wipe off drool), was the best ever! Though I don’t travel in that direction as it is the country side so I most likely won’t try it again for a long time T-T. Never heard of stuffed chicken wings until now, good to know as it can be something I would order to try out one day.

    • softz says:

      Nice! I’m glad to hear that you actually enjoy Phat Thai. I love Phat Thai too. But, I’m a food craze. I guess you can label me as Live to Eat. :)

  11. B-Mecha says:

    I tried thai express last time when i was going to the Avenue Q musical. The one i tried is near esplanade singapore, no idea did they charge extra but it is kinda expensive imo…

    But I love their fried rice, it is really nice!

    • softz says:

      Hmmm… I thought their prices should be the same throughout the island since they are of food-chain restaurant. For what I ordered here, it costs me around 50++SGD. Come to think of it, I’ve gotta agree with you that it’s not cheap actually. However, I believe that’s the price of restaurant here in Singapore. :(

      • B-Mecha says:

        O.o 50? Thats very exp! That’s hotel’s buffet price d!

        I remember a nice japanese alacarte buffet cost me about 30+ only O.o

        • softz says:

          Hmm… This 50++ is the price for two. So, I guess it’s still acceptable to me since I easily hit $50-$70 SGD at Jack’s Place, Swensen, etc. I’m always paying for two (me + wifey) or even three (me + wifey + mother) or worse case five/six (me + family + in-laws).

          Btw, have you heard of the 68m long buffet @ Fullerton Hotel (costing about 168SGD per pax)? I wanted to try that back then, but I couldn’t find the time. Unfortunately, they don’t have it everyweek, only four times a year or two times (during that special occasions). The first one was on a Sunday in Dec 2009 and the second, also one Sunday in Apr 2010. Since then, they haven’t organized such buffet anymore yet. My friends actually visited and they were very impressed.

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