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Universal Studios Singapore opened in March 2010, just after three years of construction. It seemed like just yesterday when they’ve started building it on Sentosa, a tiny island at the south of Singapore. We were fortunate enough to get free tickets to the studios. The iconic blue globe with the words Universal Studio encircling it greeted us at the main podium just before the ticket entrance.

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The entrance to Universal Studios Singapore had its fair share of crowd on a Saturday morning. My wife and I are like the typical Singaporeans, being very kiasu (must win, never lose attitude), decided to embark on an early start at 10am. ;)

We started by walking into the main street, where it was teemed with shops selling souvenirs (e.g. Universal Studios Store, The Dark Room, Silver Screen Collectibles, Superstar Candies and etc) on both sides of the walkway.

Do remember to get a copy of the map, which is available at the the stand near the entrance. We realized that the place was smaller than what we had imagined when we had a close look at the map. There are basically 7 main regions: Lost World, Far far away land, New York, Sci Fi city, Hollywood and Madagascar and Ancient Egypt. So, we managed to finish the main attractions in one day, excluding those killer rides and kiddy rides. Right, we had to forgo Killer rides. No longer young enough to take the adrenaline shock, not adrenaline rush, mind you :).

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We passed by a lovely red truck selling pop corn and food, near the entrance on the way.

The first stop we headed to was Madagascar. There were many colorful statues of animals like lemurs and fossas. This area is dressed up in a beautiful African themed rain forest, which I think would be a sure hit with children if all of their rides were open.

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Here’s another interesting roof, at the Madagascar region. Marty the Zebra is atop Casa del Wild, a food-court that sells variety of delicious Southeast Asian specialties such as pad thai, chicken rice and nasi padang.

We then headed on to the Far Far Away land shortly after since Madagascar didn’t take us long. The entrance is a beautiful grand arch that will enchant its visitors. Lovers of Shrek would love this region because it has many attractions related to its main characters, such as Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona and more.

We lined up for the Donkey Live! because the queue was relatively short, with only 10 minutes of waiting time.

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Before the animated show began, there was an actor giving us an introduction before we headed to the mini theater. I thought his act was splendid, with gusto and great energy! Donkey Live! is actually an animated donkey that interact with you. Thus, don’t expect a donkey costume walking on stage. The animation is well done but I felt that this would be more appealing to children instead.

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The 4D Shrek adventure was great. We joined in a fairy tale adventure by saving Princess Fiona. So, we sat on chairs that were moving with the characters on screen. Expect some water spray too!

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On the way to the 4D animation theater. Couldn’t take any more pictures after that because it’s prohibited.

Next stop… Growl.. Lost World! One of my favorite places. There are two regions here, Jurassic park and Waterworld. Both of them are not to be missed. The Rapids Adventure ride in Jurassic Park and the water show at Waterworld are not to be missed. The Canopy Flyer was not available that day but we think it would be fun ride as well.

We went for the Rapids Adventure ride, which promised that we would get wet. Basically its a huge round float with nine seats and it will run through a hydroelectric plant. And in the midst of it, be sure to experience the energy of the rapids, swirling the float around! I was very very lucky – I didn’t get wet at all! The rest of all people got wet! I had the lucky seat I guess. Haha.

The bright orange float and the Hydroelectric plant.

A bone sculpture of a Tyrex head. You can fit your head in there nicely. We tried it. :)

A dinosaur merry-go-round ride for kids.

Just next to The Lost World is Ancient Egypt! Love the gigantic stone sculptors. I think this part had the nicest and most realistic set up amongst all the other places of the theme park.

There were several men dressed in Egyptian costumes and you can take pictures with them. But beware, they are very playful! They might just grab your head or hair while you pose with them!

We decided to go for a kiddy ride, called Treasure Hunters for the fun of it.

You just have to sit in the truck and it will drive on its own through an excavation site and you can just sit back admire the scenery. A kiddy ride indeed!

Some Egyptian decor along the way.

The splendid view of the castle was taken while on board the truck.

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Here’s the entrance to an exciting ride! We decided not to go for this because its supposedly a very very fast ride.

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By lunch time, we were very hungry. So we headed to the Oasis Spice cafe for a quick lunch.

They serve mostly middle eastern and Egyptian food, in a food court setting. I think this is the only halal eatery in Universal studios. I liked the middle eastern decor in this food court, but the seats were too cold. We ordered a set meal consisting of a kebab chicken meal and a side dish, 3 pieces of chicken wings, a desert and an iced tea. The damage was $25.

This dish is called Pearl of the middle eastern, the side dish that came with our set meal. But we still have no idea what it is made of. It was quite try with a potato like texture. Do tell us if you know!

The set meal came with couscous, vegetables, chickpeas and chicken kebab.

The desert – Jewel of the Nile. Too sweet for us. It tasted like dates, with sweet sauce. Sugar overload! Definitely too sweet for us.

Arabian chicken wings with tomato sauce. This was delicious.

In contrast to Ancient City, its neighbor was full of futuristic notions. The Sci-fi city is a metropolis with vibrant, galactic themes that will bring you through many fast rides.

A panoramic view of Sci Fi city – full of steely walls and bright colors.

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There were several ladies dressed in disco-futuristic costumes on stilts and dancing with robotic moves. We liked the grooves of this robot lady here. Cool costume!

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The Waterworld is must go to witness death defying stunts and explosions at this live water show! And be prepared to get wet too if you decide to sit near the stage! There will be people splashing you with buckets of water and water guns!

On the way to the open air stage of Waterworld. The entire premise splattered with metal sheets that resemble corroded zinc sheets.

A panoramic view of the water stage!

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The bad guys are out with their machine guns on board!

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Explosions were often heard throughout the show, with real fire and smoke oozing out of the stage!

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An airplane on fire.

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More explosions and action.

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I must say that we had a great time with Waterworld. There was a lot of action and fun. Be sure to visit when you are there!

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We strolled down the streets of New york city, soaking up the energy of the place as we faced the impressive skylines, facades and interesting street shops.

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The shops here are for viewing purposes only, you can’t enter them!

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Lights, Camera, Action™: Hosted By Steven Spielberg, is one of our favorites as well. We actually got to see an empty sound-stage bursting into flames and with a ship crashing in!

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The sound stage was set in an old abandoned factory. We literally saw the stage transform into a crash site with a terrifying storm as a background.

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The fire and mini explosions were very realistic as well.

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The windows were broken by the crashing storm, and the factory was falling apart! We really admire the background with the fearsome storm. It looked really realistic.

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Charlie Chaplin on the streets, giving us a soulful pose.

We watched the infamous Universal Classic Monsters, "Monster Rock" in the 1,500-seat indoor Pantages theater. Our favorite monsters like Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula and etc were all dancing to the grooves of rock and roll!

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After the rock and roll musical, we caught The Kowabunga Kove, dancing and singing their way to Hollywood!

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Love the 60’s hairdo and dresses. Super kitschy!

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A water fountain at the junction of New york city and the shops.

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The last show of the evening at the streets of the Big Apple was a break dance brought to us by The Rockafellas. The dance was awesome, with head-spins and complicated lockings!

See them do the wave!

By about 7 plus, we headed to the Universal Studios Store to do some shopping. The place had to close early because a Korean band had booked the place after 7pm!

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Side entrance to the Universal Studio Store.

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The Betty Boop store was my wife’s favorite. They had many magnets, postcards, salt and pepper shakers and etc, all associated with Betty Boop.

The Academy awards – for the best wife and husband!

One last shot of the street in the evening, before we headed back home.

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Well, we were disappointed that finale was not available that night. The Lake Hollywood Spectacular show is an incredible pyrotechnics show set to brilliant musical score that will burst across the night sky right in front of you! But I managed to find a video of the fireworks on You-Tube by Bigbearsg to give you and I an idea on how it would be like. Enjoy!

Official Universal Studios Singapore website

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27 responses to “Universal Studios Singapore – 2010”

  1. Nopy says:

    It looks like a fun place to spend a day at. I always bring a few snacks with me when I go to an amusement park because the food there is usually expensive.

    Seeing that waterworld area reminded me of the movie. It was on tv so much when I was younger that I think I saw it at least a dozen times.

  2. Aya says:

    Nice…should visit there when go singapore one day and hoping Singapore open Disneyland also ;)

    • softz says:

      I guess this is the nearest Universal Studios for us without going too far to other countries. As for Disneyland, I don’t think it will be opening in Singapore anymore. Singapore and Disney weren’t able to come to an agreement on the terms, hence, Disney opened in Hong Kong instead years back.

  3. Didnt manage to go while i was back, to many things to do in a short time, im pretty sure the place was jamed pack or is.
    Singaporean is so much different compared to the old days lol, sentosa was a quiet place! now its booming.
    Next time i visit and i think it should be in November, but the main reason is for AFA =/ oh well well see when the time comes.

  4. chubbybots says:

    Thumbs up on the detailed field reports man haha! Doing your bid to promote SG tourism ^^!! I have yet to go down there though but looks really fun!

    • softz says:

      Thanks pal. I don’t mind promoting SG tourism if they continue to give me free tickets. :) I guess Universal Studios Singapore is the nearest we could go without flying. The next nearest one is Japan I guess.

  5. Xine says:

    I love those 4D rides at Universal Studios and also the movie set tours. I visited the one in LA ages ago and I’m sure there’s a lot more to see now. It’s nice that there’s one in Singapore now. Will definitely check it out when we go back to SG.

  6. heathorn says:

    Detailed coverage you even mention all the food names, haha :D
    I’m planning to go down there on November, are the rides really frightening? Since I’ll bring my mom there.

    • softz says:

      *LOL* I found the food pretty unusual. I don’t really get to try Egyptian food normally. It was my first time though.

      The rides?! Most of them are fine and cool, unless you are referring to the ones similar to roller-coaster. However, it depends on how old is your mum and with the all the great attractions, I find it quite difficult to cover all.

      I went for shows and performance because roller-coaster rides are not my types and I got to ride those in most theme parks. Plan your time and destinations properly to cover as many attractions as possible. :)

  7. rockleelotus says:

    those attractions look really cool, and the 4D shrek adventure sounds fun, especially since im not a fan of roller coasters ^^; the only theme park ive ever been to is knotts berry farm lol

    so did you and your wife win the oscars? :P

  8. BioToxic says:

    This reminds me of Universal Studios in America a little when we were over there. We don’t have anything remotely resembling the amusement parks seen here back in the UK. I remember that 4D thing, why they call it 4D though really ticks me off :lol:.

    I hate “rides” myself, even the little tea cups for kids make me puke. Heck spinning round on my chair 3 times makes me feel sick.

    We enjoyed Universal a lot more than Disney World. The queues in Disney are a killer. Universal had more attractions that didn’t involve spinning so at least I was able to go in to things. There was a “Twister” ride that simulated a hurricane which sounds similar to that factory attraction you were in.

    Haha, I noticed this “kiasu” attitude with students that come over from Singapore. Damn they hate being wrong, and are very quick to shoot down lecturers that make tiny mistakes :lol:.

    • softz says:

      Wow! I didn’t know the “kiasuism” actually travels out of Singapore. *LOL*

      I totally agree with you on those rides. I suffer from motion-sickness easily too. Hence, like you, spinning cups are not for me too.

      “Twister”, that must be fascinating. The last time I visited the Disneyland in Paris, we actually experience the simulation of Armageddon. The effects were real cool. I really like these effects. :)

  9. Yi says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. I love theme parks. I think I went to Universal Studios in California when I was a kid, and it looks like it has since only gotten even better with new rides and such. I didn’t know Singapore has one too. Anyways, the Mummy one looks really really awesome.

    • softz says:

      Theme parks are definitely the places to have great fun. I particularly like those 4D screenings, animals show, performances, etc. They never fail to impress me. Unfortunately, thrilling rides are not for me. Heee…

  10. Persocom says:

    Looks like a blast. I think I’d particularly enjoy the Ancient Egypt area. I’ve never actually been inside a Universal Studios but I did go to the area around the one in Hollywood.

    • softz says:

      You should try it out one day. Although it’s similar to most theme parks out there, like Disneyland, there are still some eye-opener shows and performances that I’m sure you and many will enjoy watching. :)

  11. AS says:

    I haven’t been to Universal Studio in years ^^;;. Looks similar to the one in the US. Nice that you got free tickets, how did you get them if you don’t mind answering? It’s good that you got to see the plane bursting through the wall scene at Waterworld. If i remember correctly they keep that part out of the show if it’s a windy day.

    • softz says:


      I’ve not been to the one in US either. However, I think they should have some similarity. I remember the Paris Disneyland is somewhat similar to the one in Hong Kong, with the exception that there are more shows in the Paris one and also there is a section dedicated to Disney Studios.

      The tickets were given to us by our insurance agents (AIA). I guess it’s pretty common to get free tickets here. In fact, my wifey’s company occasionally presents their employees with free passes to zoo, night safari, etc.

      The plane explosion was fantastic. The whole show was amazing… really! :)

  12. divinelight says:

    would like to visit Universal Studio if I could go to Singapore sometimes. I think this place is one must-visit-venue in Singapore.

  13. meli says:

    hello.. i’m meli from ndonesia.. i would tell my visit in singapura. i’m verry happy after visit in UNIVERSAL jan’11 ago.. i’m verry interested about street dance “RockAffelas”.. I meet someone personal street dance, his name “JEbbY” i think he is good performance dance.. i just remembered about him when he after display dance and i’m waiting in front the room street dance n i’m request to him and send to photo with me.. OMG.. he make me crazy.. Lol.. when i comes back to indonesia, verry sad bcoz i’m forget to inquire about his Facebook,Msn, yahoo, another like that.. im trying search in internet about him, but i didn’t fine.. Please help me to know about him.. thx u so much.. GBU

    • softz says:


      Great to hear from you and happy to know that you enjoyed yourself at the Universal Studios. I don’t think I can help you here as I don’t know any of them actually. I was just a visitor too. I hope you get to meet him again some day though. GBU :)

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