MOF (Ministry of Food) @ Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore

September 14th, 2010 25 Commented

MOF, which stands for Ministry of Food, is a Japanese Cafe in Singapore selling Japanese food and desserts. Established in 2006, it now has 6 branches sprawled all over Singapore. I patronized the branch at Sembawang Shopping Centre, with hopes of letting my taste buds be wooed by the sweet decadence. I headed there an hour before they closed the premises after a heavy dinner. So, this post is purely about their desserts. I don’t know about their food (probably next time).

The decor is very welcoming, and modern with hints of Japanese details. The seats are comfortable as well, where you either get the red little round cushioned seats or the comfortable white booth seats. I must say that their booths are exceptionally long. Usually I find that the booth seats are comfortable for 4 persons (2 on each side), but I think this is good even for 6 persons(3 on each side)!

They serve a myriad of Japanese desserts in their menu, ranging from Hokkaido gelato ice- creams, sundaes, soft serves, milkshakes to zenzais (thick red bean paste). They have a strong focus on using healthy ingredients in their desserts such as imported green tea powder and Hokkaido red beans.

You will be given a piece of paper to mark out the items you wish to order and then you have to proceed to the counter to make your payment. I ordered three items only because I was still feeling full from my heavy dinner. But, my wife couldn’t resist having some dessert. So this time I can only showcase a few items. ;)

The Iced Macha Float, was a smooth green tea milk shake with a generous serving of soft serve. For milk lovers who enjoy sipping green tea, then this is the best of both worlds. The drink had a creamy taste with a strong green tea flavor.

My wife is a fan of green tea ice cream and soft red bean paste. So we decided to go for a zenzai. The texture of the red bean paste was very smooth and almost creamy. You can feel some semi-solid red beans in the paste as well. However, I find that it was too sweet for me. Thus, it is imperative that you have a mouthful of green tea ice cream/dumplings with the red bean paste. I must say I wasn’t too impressed with this dessert even though the green tea ice cream was awesome.

The Macha Sundae is filled with many other items such as green tea ice cream, waffle, watermelon, red bean paste, peach, jelly besides the soft serve. I thought the waffle was more decorative than anything else. It was crispy and came in lovely heart-shape. But it wasn’t delicious. The watermelon slice was not very nicely cut and it was rather bland. It looked good but the only saving grace was the delicious green tea ice cream.

So well, my verdict is, perhaps it’s better to just go for their green tea ice-cream. As for other items, I’d think twice. But perhaps it was my choice of dessert that was not right? Any of you have tried MOF and really like a particular desert in MOF? Please do share!

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25 responses to “MOF (Ministry of Food) @ Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore”

  1. rockleelotus says:

    cant go wrong with green tea ice cream, yum! :3

    it looks like the super sweet red bean paste should have been the topping to the green tea ice cream lol

  2. Aya says:

    ah I want one 8-O the green tea one looks interesting.

  3. Nopy says:

    The thing I noticed about the Japanese is that they love their desserts, not just the traditional ones, but western desserts too. That sundae looks really nice, but I guess you can’t judge everything by looks.

    • softz says:

      I’ve gotta agree with you, Nopy. Their food and desserts’ presentation are really top-notch. It can easily make one drools. About the taste, probably the one whom prepared it hasn’t become a pro yet.

  4. Xine says:

    I love, love green tea! Those desserts look really yummy.

    I make green tea panna cotta at home and it tastes lovely. Maybe you should try to make some, I bet you and your wife will like it too. ^^

  5. AS says:

    The iced mocha float looks delicious :9. Might have to hit this place up when I visit Singapore lol. Though with your numerous food reviews, I might have to eat even more lol.

    • softz says:

      *LOL* There are more great food than what I have tasted here. It’s simply a food paradise. Many say that Singaporeans live to eat. Can you imagine there? :)

  6. alucard13mm says:

    wish there are places like that in US.. besides those starbucks or lollicup/quickies/ten ren >.>… i was looking into opening a tea place, possibly maid cafe. serving tea in cute cups and cake like in k-on lol. but it seems like the startup cost is like 100,000 US dollars at least and high chance of fail with cafe/resturaunts. @_@

    • softz says:

      I quite like your business idea. But, you gotta change the tea to coffee. I believe people in US prefer coffee to tea. I can’t find a single tea bag in my office in Virginia back then. Also, it was pretty difficult for me to order a tea with fresh milk. No waiter/waitress understood me. I like the K-On idea. I’ll be your no.1 customer. And I’m a tea person. ;)

  7. Fabienne says:

    I always like your food post it’s like stepping in a different world for me.

    haha the bean paste dumpling soup looks poisonous,
    I wouldn’t be surprised if tentacles are coming out every second XD

    So Id rather take the Macha Sundae.
    mhh I never tasted green tea ice Im wondering if can I buy this in my region?
    seems like I live in the middle of nowhere ;D

    • softz says:

      Tentacles… *LOL*

      I’ve not got the chance to visit Germany. I guess the food culture should be pretty similar to Italy and France, correct me if I’m wrong. So, is there any fantastic or well-known delicacies there?

      • Fabienne says:

        well our traditional meals are more barbarian XD
        Or less elegant than in these countrys you’ve mentioned.
        you could say it’s good and solid, schnitzel, curry sausage, stuffed cabbage and potato salad for example.
        Our cakes and our breads are very good.

        nowadays we are copying food of other countries very often
        maybe we will copy green tea ice ,too in the future ;D

        • softz says:

          Schnitzel sounds interesting. I checked it out on wikipedia. Veal meat! I’d like to try it. However, I’ve not seen any German restaurants in Singapore yet. Most of the restaurants serve French, Italian and Asian cuisines.

          I believe green tea ice will eventually be introduced, especially when Anime and Japanese culture gain more popularity.

  8. Marzz says:

    Must try next time! There’s also another outlet at Bugis there… Passed by before, but never tried yet…

  9. flyzice says:

    There are quite a number of Japanese restaurants in Kuching but they don’t really serve desserts. Just the average sushi, ramen and whatnot. I should give this a try when I visit Singapore next time.

    • softz says:

      Hmm… this is just an average Japanese restaurant that sell food and desert at an affordable price. For me, I prefer fine-dining actually. But, I can’t go often because eating at fine-dining restaurants are inverse proportional to buying figures. When you visit Singapore, you should try out Sushi Tei too. :)

  10. Yi says:

    So many lovely desserts. I can’t ever resist green tea and sweets. That creamy shake looks delicious. The other ones look really nice too, but I guess they’re more pretty than tasty.

    • softz says:

      Maybe they are more pretty than tasty. However, I guess it’s kinda unfair to them — tasting their dessert with full stomach and posting about it. But, that’s life. :)

  11. Kenny says:

    I tried the 324-A, the rice is sure the unagi feels like rubber. Even the drink, 8211 is very blend, diluted. I’m extremely dissatisfied with the did and still probably not return.

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