Lineage II Elf (Orchid Seed)

September 4th, 2010 41 Commented

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Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

It seems like ages since I last put up any photos of my figurines. As you can see, I’m pretty much behind time. There are already tons of Lineage II Elf photos on the web and the hype has subsided. But, better late than never since I like this figure a lot. Here is a brief history about the Lineage II Elf.

Lineage II is a fantasy MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), a prequel set 150 years before Lineage. This game is very popular in South Korea since its launch date. This elf figure is sculpted based on the elf in the game.

The elves worship the goddess of water and nature. They are slim in appearance by nature, and have long ears with beautiful features. In the era of giants, elves were the highest of position. Their position faded as the era ended. Elves are well-known for their impressive breath holding and jumping abilities. They also have high attack speed, movement and casting speeds. Their evasion ratings are also the highest. But, all these are compensate with their strength being the lowest among all the other races.

Here is a series of horizontal shots of her from different angles. I enjoy looking at her from this very angle. She looks so sweet and elegant to me.

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As you can see from the photos, she looks fantastic in her blouse and skirt. Her tan-toned, semi-translucent chemise adds a degree of sensuality to her already shapely body.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

When you turn her towards us, I find her looking more and more innocent, expressing the girl-next-door image. But of course, she is an elf. I’d be shocked and darn frightened if I see an elf next door in real life… unless she is dropped-dead gorgeous or super-duper cute, like this figure. ;)

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Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

Unfortunately, this figure is far from perfect. If you click on the images to view their respective larger versions, focus on her chemise, above her breasts. You’ll notice there are gaps along the line. This is caused by the detachable body part that enables the removal of her skirt.

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She wears a translucent choker, with an attached necklace and a small cross which makes her more elegant than she already is. Actually, the choker serves another purpose. It’s used to cover the ugly lines caused by the detachable neck that allows the easy removal of her blouse.

A detailed look at her blouse, it’s nicely sculpted with laces at the edge of her sleeves and beautiful prints on her blouse. I must admit that the paint-job is great. You can see that each part of the figure is evenly painted, except for the dust and dirt which I failed to clean off before the photo-shoot (the dust/dirt always manage to hide themselves from my naked eyes).

She also wears golden bangles on both her wrists.

The skirt is equally fanciful, with very well-sculpted with trimmings to depict a multi-layered skirt. The lace adds a feminine and soft touch to her beautiful skirt (even my wifey likes the skirt :)).

She wears a pair simple, yet pretty looking heals. From the photo, you can see that her toe nails are painted to look glossy, mimicking the glossy nail polish.

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This elf is accompanied with two weapons, an infinity scepter and a sword. You can see that the scepter is sculpted with intricate, patterned details.

Here are a series of vertical shots to see more of the elf from different angles. In order for the page to load faster, I’ve re-sized the photos to smaller versions. You can click on them to see the more detailed versions.

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[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]

[Click on the image for the larger version]

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In the following two photos, she is wielding the sword that is purplish-blue in color. The sword doesn’t look as majestic as her scepter. Hence, not much focus was put onto it.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

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Next, we have some photos of the pretty elf looking more lovely and sensual after the removal of her blouse. The blouse is made of soft material. Therefore, after detaching her head and hands, the blouse can be easily removed.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

As you have noticed, I’ve not shown any photos of her back view until now. Well, the top of her hair isn’t very well sculpted. There are visible crude seam lines in the hair. However, that shouldn’t bother me much as she is displayed on the shelves facing the front. So, the ugly lines in the hair will not be easily seen.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

She is classy and beautiful even without the blouse. The seams of her chemise around her chest and the bangles on her arms are used to prevent the detachable lines from being visible. So, it’s important to attach the arms and chest properly in order to avoid undesirable visible lines.

[Click on the image for the larger version]

After removing the blouse, you can get a clear view of her curvaceous body. Her breasts, being the right size (not too big), her tiny waist and her shapely hip… They are all in the right proportion, and not to mentioned her cute pretty face… phew… what else can one ask for in a girl?

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It’s time to remove the last cast-off-able piece of hers — the skirt. She wears a lacy thong, which is supposed to be sexy and nice. But, I just don’t fancy it.

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Wallpaper: [1600×1200] [1680×1050]

IMHO, she has a lovely ass/butt (whatever you want to call it). Those curves of her ass cheeks are very well sculpted, not too flat nor too much — they are just right. However, the butt crack doesn’t look realistic. I find it too high up. Correct me, if I’m wrong.

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More photos of her in her thong and chemise.

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Lastly, I’ve gotta say it again… I like this figure very much despite all the imperfections mentioned. In fact, I don’t mind trading the cast-off-able feature for a more perfect Lineage II Elf — one without any crude and visible detachable lines. She will definitely have her blouse and skirt on at all times because she looks more pleasant and stunning to me in that way. Therefore, she will stay not-cast-off on my shelf. :)

Also, I hope that you’ll like the wallpapers I included.

Official Lineage II website

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41 responses to “Lineage II Elf (Orchid Seed)”

  1. Fabienne says:

    youre outdoor shots are always so nice ;)

    The figure looks really good and the details at her clothes are a nice eye catcher.
    As to be expected of Orchid Seed figures she has a cast off feature, so she also has a nice body and flashy panties ;)

    • softz says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Fabienne. I was lucky to find the right place and right lighting.
      IMO, Orchid Seed should put more efforts in the cast-off ugly effects that plague their figures. I can’t say for all but this one does suffer from those effects.

  2. Aya says:

    never play the game before but this figures looks great :) and by the way a bit unusual orchid seed figure not cast off ^^.

    • softz says:

      I’ve never played the game before too.
      I don’t despise the cast-off feature. But, I really hope that they produce better cast-off quality with lesser ugly artifacts, if possible, because I do like their figures.

  3. Tier says:

    You are not missing anything at all by not playing the game. I played it for a month and all I think I did was kill mushroom people. I think I gained like ten or twelve levels off of killing mushroom people. It wasn’t all that fun in retrospect.

    Very nice pictures, she looks great in an outdoor setting. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to take her skirt off outside, though. In fact, I’m not yet brave enough to take any figure pictures outside at all. Though I would like to try; I just need to figure out where to do it, I just need to figure out which figure would be appropriate (I’ve got something like 150 figures and I seriously don’t think I have more than nine or ten that would work in an outdoors shoots), and I need to stop being lazy before autumn rolls around and all the leaves fall off all the trees.

    • softz says:

      Quite true, I’ve not seen any outdoor photos from you before. The Rider, Vivio, etc are all indoor, darkroom stuff if I’m not wrong. I guess, I’m pretty lazy to setup anything at home.I don’t have proper spotlight/light bulbs like those you showed me previously. I guess outdoor is best for lazy and busy people like me. :)

      Hey, it’s fortunate that you have autumn in your country. Now, get moving and show us some kick-ass outdoor photos of yours! ;)

  4. rockleelotus says:

    oh lovely photos :3 im a huge fan of the elves in Lineage lol

    i prefer her cast off version more, very sexy hips. i like the idea of cast off figures, but most of the time its hard to shape the figure to look good in both cast on and off form :( still this is a great figure and i wouldnt mind owning one myself someday.

    • softz says:

      Thank you rockleelotus. I think I’m portraying the idea that I don’t like cast-off version. Let me clarify. That’s not true. I just dislike the artifacts caused by the cast-off which the manufacturer didn’t handle properly. In fact, this is my first Orchid Seed figure and I’m loving it! (I hope MacDonald doesn’t hold anything against me for using their slogan. :))

  5. Nopy says:

    Elves are probably the hottest mythical race there is :)

    I really like the detail in the lace and her scepter, it’s certainly a lot better than what a lot of other figures have. I’m not really a fan of her face, but that’s more to do with the style rather than the figure itself.

    • softz says:

      Yesh! Elves are hot, pretty and at most times, can be sexy too. :) I can’t comment on the face much because initially, I didn’t like her face from certain angle view too. But now, my heart grows fonder… xD

    • alucard13mm says:

      sometimes i wish.. sometimes.. that there are real elves. its funny how sculptors, painters, and other artist in general have such views of the “perfect figure” woman. the elf’s form and physique *minus her ear* is probably rare or even impossible to have in real life.

      well this form is most prevalent in gaming these days.. slim, light skinned, big boobed, and fragile looking female characters (which most often a male is playing it).. lol yes i think its sexy and hot (no not being sexist in anyway *intentionally*) but it would be nice to have more realistic characters. but of course elves, orcs, and dark elves are, themselves, unrealistic.

  6. alucard13mm says:

    hello hello ^-^

    i did played lineage 2, but only for a day. it was moderately fun, especially when i got lost for 2 hours trying to go from dark elf town to elf town with giant spiders chasing after me for half that time. what i found most amusing is the dark elf female pose haha. one of her pose, she bends over >.>

    i also have the orchid seed elf. i ordered her and it took like 3-4 months of delays to get it from my local store (last time i ever shopped there) and she wasnt cheap too. im a fairly new collector, and she is one of my first figures. she is still in her box. another reason why i stopped ordering from my local store was because of the way the package was packed. they only had paddings on the side but none on the front or back.. so when i got my scissors to open the box, it ripped the white paper around the orchid box and it left an indent (good thing it didnt rip into the orchid box).

    for the most part, a good figure . nice pictures.

    • softz says:


      I hate it when something happened to the box. It kinda prevents me from selling at a reasonable price in future. Probably, you should find another distributor. I experience such unfortunate events too. It happened to my Alphard, the box was totally damaged (I ended up throwing the box away). Anyway, I found another distributor (local) which is cheaper too. I hope I won’t have to go through such incidents again.

      Also, not forgetting… thank you for visiting my humble blog and the compliments. Cheers!

      • alucard13mm says:

        well its not all their fault lol, its just that i was used to stores that used boxes that are huge, compare to the contents. its just that the local store i bought from used a smaller box. so i kinda damage the box myself. its not too bad, its just an indent like 1 inch long. similar to if u write on a piece of paper on a cover of a book, the words will be on the cover.

        lol thanks.

  7. Doriinatrix says:

    Ah, she’s so beautiful! It’d be nice if figure companies came out with more realistic-styled fantasy figures.

    • softz says:


      Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I totally agree on her being beautiful. I’m kinda curious on your more realistic-styled fantasy figures. Do you mean real image or? I’m trying to visualize… Help me out if you can :)

  8. BioToxic says:

    Ah Lineage II, I remember playing a beta for a week as a break from another grindy MMO at the time. Decided it was a waste of time playing L2 and went back to grinding in the previous game. That game then collapsed not long after, so I jumped ship to Guild Wars (oh look 5 years, where have you gone).

    She’s quite a nice figure, but QB Alleyne is the best elf in my book :P. It’s a shame she didn’t wear matching colour pants, looks kind of odd with the beige top half then white bottom.

    • softz says:

      Hmmm… I can see a QB fan voicing out ;) The QB Alleyne definitely has more vibrant color. I own the MegaHouse version and I think MegaHouse’s Alleyne is the best among other Alleyne(s).

      As compare to this elf, since I own both of them, I’ve gotta stand on the fence. They both has their pros and cons I guess. I simply love both because they haven’t gone up the e-bay and I don’t think they would (at least for now). :)

    • alucard13mm says:

      lol bio, so what MMO have you played..that isnt a grindfest or a grindfest in disguised?

      its funny.. i spent 7 years on RO, and that was definitely a grindfest.. i did not mind for some reason. but when i play another mmo, id always complain about the grinding and quit =3. i just quit RO a few months ago, i’ve move onto less addicting and more economical games like half life 2 mods and i also got back into anime XD..

      • BioToxic says:

        I would say GW isn’t very grindy. Unless you then decide you want everything in the game; then you have to grind. But in order to play all the story and elite missions you can do it fine with the basic equipment. But then I wouldn’t called GW a traditional MMO…

        Yeah it’s weird how we don’t mind grind in one game, but hate it in another. I never really understood why I wouldn’t mind one type of grind over another :lol:.

  9. AS says:

    Great looking figure ^^. She reminds me of many of the elf-characters I’ve played over the years lol. Though a bit more scantily clad ^^;;. The staff and sword have some nice detail on them. The clear base with the design on it are nice. Love the details on the clothes ^^.

  10. Yi says:

    I have this figure too and I am absolutely in love with it. The details, her face, her pose, her curves, and everything are just so elegant. Beautiful photos too, and I’m actually using the third wallpaper as my current desktop. Thanks for those. ^ ^

    • softz says:

      Wonderful! We own this figure. Indeed, she continues to look more and more elegant in those outfits of her. Also, thank you for the encouragement. It’s really motivating to know that you/someone using the wallpapers. If only the quality is better, the ugly edges wouldn’t be visible (unless PhotoShop’d)…

  11. divinelight says:

    when I played Lineage II before, this is the first character I made, because I really like her.

    the figure of her is really nice.

  12. alucard13mm says:

    yo softz, how do you remove the blouse? i took off the head and her two arms.. but the blouse seems not as bendy as it seems. lol im having hard time taking it off without maybe breaking it @_@. so for the skirt, i remove her legs from her hip to take off the skirt?

    • softz says:

      Hmm… there are only 4 removable parts. Her head, two arms and her chest. Don’t remove her legs, you’ll break the figure. After removing her head and two arms, you can peel the blouse from her left shoulder, it should be easily peeled off. No brute force needed.

      Then to take of her skirt, remove her chest, and slip her skirt off from the top. After that you can put every parts back and she is in her lingerie.

  13. alucard13mm says:

    lol im also having hard time putting on the weapons XD.. shes the second PVC figure i opened so i dont know the limitations haha

    • softz says:

      You don’t need to force her weapon into her tiny hand. Both weapons can be pulled off from each ends. Notice that the joint of the weapon is in the middle, the section where she is supposed to hold. I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more help.

  14. alucard13mm says:

    lol her jacket was the hardest to take off and even harder to put back on. but i got it all off XD.. but i kept the clothes on her just so i dont have as many lose parts around.

  15. heathorn says:

    softz, your photos are nice! I hope I had your skill.

    agreed, with the clothing she looks better.
    instead of bow, she’s carrying a lance?

    0003b.jpg….so smooth and beautiful! :D

    • softz says:

      LOL! Of all, you like her legs? Hmmmm….. *wondering*
      Yep, it comes with a scepter and the lance/sword. I think the weapon of choice is decided by the players of the game. So probably, Orchid Seed thinks she looks better in those rather than bow. ;)

  16. boonk says:

    look the way you did it … mine not as nice … ^ – ^

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