COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria @ Paragon, Singapore

October 20th, 2010 25 Commented

Yesh! I’m back and here is another fine dining! This time… it’s Cova Pasticceria – Confetteria. Thanks to the 1-for-1 voucher and we managed to secure some free time to go for this delectable four-course dinner just a week before we flew off to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Here is a lil’ background of COVA. She was founded by Antonio Cova in Milan back in 1817. Being around for more than 190 years, she continues to provide her specialties — coffee, pastries, cakes and chocolates.

The restaurant is elegantly embellished with European styled furnishings. It holds a cafe just in front of the restaurant, which has a slightly more casual setting. The coziness of the restaurant, backed by warm lighting, luxurious chocolates and pastries will definitely set you in the mood for a romantic dinner as well.

COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria

They also have a long display showing you an amazing variety of cakes and pastries. I like how the mood of the display reminds me of Christmas. ;).

COVA's cakes and pastries

The table setting is lovely, with an intricate tea light and the full set of cutlery placed on your table.

COVA's table setting

Staying true to the Italian tradition, they serve several kinds of dough along with balsamic vinegar and olive oil before the appetizer. I have no idea what are they called exactly. But the tall piece of bread is soft and sponge like, while the other I believe is a bread stick which is slightly chewy. The flat piece is a cracker, crispy and tasty. I like the fact that they have included three different kinds of dough and they are all equally delicious! Not to forget that it is free flow!

COVA's bread and cracker

For appetizer, my wife ordered mussels served with a piece of round garlic bread. The flavor of the clams is buttery and adequately salted.

COVA's mussels

As for me, I got myself veal served with mayonnaise and some assorted veges. The meat tasted good. It’ll be a wonderful appetizer if you’re a mayo-craze (like my wife).

COVA's veal

They have myriad of chocolates prettily packaged and displayed at the back of the restaurants. They will make you spoiled for choice if you ever have to choose one to give to someone. It’s like having Valentine’s day and Christmas at the same time if you look at their chocolate display!

COVA's chocolate display

The flavor of veal was oozing with flavor that really makes you want to have more. Sadly, the only thing imperfect was that the pasta was not cooked Al Dante. It was too hard. Of all the pastas that I’ve eaten from fine dining to Pastamania, I’ve never had any pasta that was not cooked to the right consistency. So, I think they really need to improve on that.

COVA's pasta

One of the main dishes is Tuna served in Squid and vegetables. My wife thought that the Tuna filling had a common taste, albeit being tasty. I guess my wife was expecting much more. As for me, it was quite an interesting dish. Surprisingly, for the first time, I’ve no complains on a squid dish.

COVA's tuna-squid

My main dish is beef (my all time favorite) served with pistachio sauce. The beef was cooked at medium-rare. I could taste the freshness of the beef in every slice that I had. It was my first time having pistachio sauce too. I must admit that I wasn’t very comfortable with the taste. However, the fragrance and the juiciness of beef transformed me into a very forgiving person. I simply love the beef. :)

COVA's beef

The fruit tarts had very fresh fruits on them and they were not too sugary. However, the brownie was a tad too dry.

COVA's fruit tarts

This is the chocolate cake served with fresh cream. However, I felt that the sponge was too dry for my liking. You know whenever you have a bite of chocolate cake, you want that dense, rich, chocolicious taste that sends shivers down the nerves of your jaws. I get that whenever I taste really delicious chocolate cakes.

COVA's chocolate cake

They have a nice selection of teas ranging from an exotic of flowers to simple black tea leaves. I felt that the teas leaves used were of high quality, fragrant and of course they were served in good quality tea-wares. A small piece of biscuit would be served with your tea as well.

COVA's tea

Indeed, it was a pleasant dinner. I only paid for SGD 69++ (thanks to the voucher). I’d definitely love to visit COVA again albeit the non Al denta pasta. Perhaps the cook was having a bad day!. =D

Official COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria website

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25 responses to “COVA Pasticceria – Confetteria @ Paragon, Singapore”

  1. Fabienne says:

    welcome back softz
    now you have the house for your self ;)

    this reastaurant looks awesome, pretty first class =)

    the beef medium rare looks a bit bloody or it’s the colorsetting of your camera.
    too hard pasta isn’t my taste either maybe they used a strange noodle cooker.
    …and I love these tasty desserts.

    • softz says:

      Thank you Fabienne. Now the house feels kinda quiet though.

      About the beef, don’t worry. Neither it’s bloody nor my color-setting. The red color is something called myoglobin. It’s found in most of the red meat (lamb, veal, beef, etc). Back then, whenever I took beef, I thought it was bloody too. My wife corrected me. ;)

      • Fabienne says:

        I can imagine that it is a very odd feeling when the beloved one isn’t around for some time .
        Im not very good at cheering up, but I say you can do it! :)

        Ah I see
        mhh the beef I ate so far had always a different color ;)
        I hope mine wasn’t expired XD

        • softz says:

          Thanks Fabienne. I’m currently looking at her through Skype. If I get to the point that I really need her in person, I’ll jump on a plane and fly there. It took me like 20 hours to get there (including waiting for transit).

          Don’t worry about your beef. I think they fry/grill it to the well-done state. When I went to some stall/shop here (in Singapore) or UK, the beef are dark brown. They cook a little long until the myoglobin turns dark brown. However, that will make the meat to be tougher. You can taste a more tender and juicier beef if it is cook until medium rare.

  2. Yi says:

    I have a soft spot for seafood and sweets. Mussel, tuna, squid, and the tarts all sound really tasty. It’s too bad the brownies were dry. Still, this seems like a lovely meal. ^ ^

    • softz says:

      Nevermind the dry brownies. Those pastries, appetizers and main dishes are enough to put you on cloud number 9. :)
      I read from the news Taiwan is having more and more buffet restaurants these days.

  3. chubbybots says:

    Heh welcome back! Dank, I’ll love to sink my teeth on those pastries. I know what you mean by being too dry on the cake….Just want that chocolate sauce ozzing out…. haha…

    Thanks for the write up man! I’ll check it with my friends some time later ^^

    • softz says:

      Ah… if you are a pastries craze, spend your tea-time there is a great choice. Perhaps you can have dinner there with your wife. The mood and ambiance can be quite romantic. :)

  4. Aya says:

    Welcome Back :),no wife, just eat more then :D

  5. alucard13mm says:

    how lovely, that beef looks succulent @_@.

    hmmm those k-on girls wouldve love those desserts

  6. rockleelotus says:

    the pasta and beef dish is making my mouth water! they look delicious with great presentation, although hard pasta is not very enjoyable ^^;

    this place looks great with a very elegant setting, though places like that make me feel too uncomfortable lol

    • softz says:

      Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t dare to go to such places if I were to go alone. But, that would lose a chance of tasting good food. :) Again, I’m really impressed with their food and pastries, albeit the non Al Dante pasta and dry brownie.

  7. Nopy says:

    Your food posts always make me so hungry.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had pasta that wasn’t fully cooked either. Like you said, either the chef was having a bad day, or maybe they just hired someone new.

    This is the first time I’ve seen tuna stuffed into a squid. It seems like something that would’ve been invented in Singapore rather than Europe, but if that restaurant has been around for 190 years, it probably was.

    • softz says:

      LOL! I guess I should post more on food. When you’re hungry, you can eat more and then you might gain weight. Nopy, you’ll thanks me then.. :)

      I’ve seen squid stuffed with other food. It was my first time trying it. Taste great. Now, I gotta look for a buffet friend instead, since wifey not around. Heee..

  8. divinelight says:

    oh my, this post is really interesting. every bit of food really delicious for my eyes.

  9. h4mster says:

    Wow, your post makes me hungry (I bet you get that kind of response a lot :D )
    I love when people are writing about food, especially when they deliver it with a very delicious photos :D

  10. mikiwank says:

    Please stop it. My stomach calling all these delicious dishes. I can not anymore. ;)

  11. heathorn says:

    ah, food photos……
    can’t resist, I’ll go for brunch right now :D

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