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May 26th, 2011 16 Commented

It’s been quite a while since I posted on a food post. Well, in the midst of my busy workload, I was fortunate to welcome my wifey home during her summer vacation. Of course, a reunion after six months had to be accompanied by a nice meal of her choice. She wanted to try the dim sum buffet at Cherry Garden. We were satisfied customers. :)

Cherry Garden

There are two timings for the weekend ala carte dim sum buffet, 11.00am till 1.00pm and 1.30pm till 3.00pm. We went for the later one because it was also a polling day. I won’t post all dishes we ordered as I don’t want you to suffer from a long loading time. Frankly, there is a huge selection of dishes, we didn’t manage to try every one of them. Unlike me, my wifey isn’t a big eater. So, I ended up eating some of her portions too.

We started off by ordering a few dishes as the cook needs time to prepare, so it’s wise to order at least four to six dishes for a start.

This is the Steamed shark’s fin dumplings with dried scallops and shrimps. The name sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, I enjoyed eating this dumpling because the shrimps are fresh and succulent. In my opinion, the shark’s fin is rather little and I couldn’t distinguish the taste of the dried scallop from the shrimps.

Steamed shark's fin dumplings with dried scallops and shrimps

The next worth mentioning dish is the Steamed mini abalone siew mai with pork and mushrooms. I like the taste. The pork and mushrooms of the siew mai is a nice combination. I enjoyed the abalone too even though it’s tiny. You’ve to eat it while it’s still hot to savor its wonderful taste. :)

Steamed mini abalone siew mai with pork and mushrooms

Next, we had the Drunken chicken in hua diao and rose dew Chinese wine. I could taste the fragrance of the hua diao wine as I chewed the smooth texture of the chicken. Don’t worry, this dish won’t make you drunk. ;) However, in my opinion, the chef added a little too much starch this time. It’d be perfect if the starch was reduced.

Drunken chicken in hua diao and rose dew Chinese wine

Yummy… yummy… yummy… Steamed scallop with silken tofu in black bean sauce. As its name suggested, the beancurd was smooth as silk and I could taste a meaty amount of scallop! The sauce enhanced the taste even more by providing an extra hint of flavor to the dish.

Steamed scallop with silken tofu in black bean sauce

This Double boiled shark’s bone soup with scallop and Japanese mushrooms is a must try. I don’t remember seeing it in the dim sum buffet menu the last time (or I may have overlooked it). According to the person-in-service, the menu was altered slightly due to Mother’s Day special and of course, it costs us more.

The generous amount of shark’s bone, scallop and Japanese mushrooms. I finished the soup without a single drop left. It may not be a wise choice to fill the stomach with too much liquid, especially during buffet. But, I just couldn’t help it.

Double boiled shark's bone soup with scallop and Japanese mushrooms

My wifey found this dish rather interesting — Netted crispy rice turnover stuffed with prawns, apple slices and mango. The crisp texture of the rice turnover complements its delicious fillings of the succulent prawns, sweetness from the apple slices and sourness from the mango.

Netted crispy rice turnover stuffed with prawns, apple slices and mango

I’ve always like xiao long bao. This Cherry Garden’s Steamed juicy pork xiao long bao didn’t fail to impress me. Served hot… and recommended to eat it while it’s hot too. It’s delicate so picking it up gently is inevitable to avoid breaking its skin carelessly. Slowly biting it, sipping the soup/juice within the dumpling and then put it into the mouth — heaven!

Steamed juicy pork xiao long bao

Wifey and I love roasted duck. This Cherry Wood Charcoal Roasted Duck definitely met my expectations, I hope it did for my wifey too. The meats were sliced to the right thickness. The juiciness of the meat could be felt with every bite I made. Can you believe it? We ate the skin too! Look at the layers of fat we had eaten. Usually, I’d scrub away the fats of the roasted duck with a spoon but this, it was simply irresistible.

Cherry Wood Charcoal Roasted Duck

This is one of the highlights of the meal. The Crisp Wasabi-aioli prawn with fresh mango and fish roe was awesome! The prawns were fresh, crispy and succulent. The dish was brought to perfection with the wasabi-aioli sause, fresh mango and fish roe as condiments. Never miss this!

Crisp Wasabi-aioli prawn with fresh mango and fish roe

This Steamed Onion and Ginger Beef Dumplings was rather an unusual sight. Its semi-translucent skins exhibit the juiciness of the dumpling. It’s pretty similar to that of the xiao long bao. However, it comes with a hint of spiciness from the onions and gingers. Personally, I like beef, so it felt wonderful to taste the beef and the juices oozing out from the dumpling as you eat it!

Steamed Onion and Ginger Beef Dumplings

These cute little ones are called Steamed chive dumplings with prawns and conpoy. I have very vague memory of them. I think they were okay because I had no complaints on the dim sum. Generally, I wasn’t a fan of chive leaves but I don’t despise them either.

Steamed chive dumplings with prawns and conpoy

This is one of their signature dish, the Wok-fried Waxed Meat Radish Cake with Silver Sprouts in XO Sauce. It looks like the usual carrot cake that we have in the food court. However, this one comes with a different and far more superior fragrance. The XO sauce blended very well into the radish cake and the sprouts complimented the dish perfectly. However, this can be very filling. So, order this early to enjoy before you’re filled. :)

Wok-fried Waxed Meat Radish Cake with Silver Sprouts in XO Sauce

Most nutritionists encourage us to have one or two portions of vegetables in our daily meals. So, we ordered the Wok-fried Baby Corn and Asparagus in XO Sauce. The combination of baby corn and asparagus brought out the ultimate crunchiness in the dish. They were very fresh and the XO sauce enhanced the taste dearly.

Wok-fried Baby Corn and Asparagus in XO Sauce

We had the Poached Chinese spinach with trio treasure egg sauce too. It wasn’t any special so I didn’t put up the photo here. Personally, I think Dian Xiao Er’s version of this dish tastes better.

Lastly, our desserts, the Chilled cream of mango with sago pearls, pomelo and lime sorbet. We simply go goo-goo-ga-ga over this dessert. I love the combination of the lime sorbet with the chilled ice-cream. I was very refreshing and the sourish taste was lovely. We also ordered the Cream of avocado served with walnut ice-cream (the one next to the main item in the photo). Well, my friend loved it but not my wifey. I guess it dives down to personal preference then.

Chilled cream of mango with sago pearls, pomelo and lime sorbet

Of course, we missed out the many more popular dishes like the Honey glazed Kurobuta pork char siew, the Braised beef fillet with five spices and sea salt, served chilled, and many more…

If you notice, I didn’t touch on their decor in this post. Well, this was the third time I’ve patronized this restaurant. I complimented their beautiful decor in my previous post, so I need not repeat myself. I must say this again though, I really love their food! We’ll definitely visit them again when my wifey comes home from Newcastle. :)

If you’ve not tried them, what are you waiting for? I hope their food suits your taste too! It can be a little pricey but it’s the experience that counts. You’ve gotta experience it!

Official Cherry Garden website

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16 responses to “Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental, Singapore – Dim Sum Buffet”

  1. Nopy says:

    I knew the name sounded familiar, I must remember it from one of your previous posts. The portions look smaller than what I’m used to, but the dishes all look good. I haven’t heard of tofu with scallop in black bean sauce before so I’d like to try that. I might be going to Singapore later this year so I’m going to have to keep this place in mind.

    • softz says:

      Yep, I had a birthday dinner celebration in this restaurant back then. They were so kind to give me a complementary birthday without any charges. Be sure to try them! The Mango pomelo, lime sorbet dessert thingy… it’s really refreshing and a must have. I’ll leave the rest for you to explore. Hope you have fun here, Nopy. :)

  2. Fabienne says:

    Yeah softz is back in action and wifey visits him during the vacation, I hope you had/have fun ^_^
    These dishes do look very interesting and delicious.
    I like the look of the netted crispy rice turnover and the crisp wasabi-aioli prawn actually looks like a piece of art with this nice color combination ;)
    It seems like they serve a lot of sharks in this restaurant ^w^.

    • softz says:

      Hey Fabienne,

      It’s definitely felt great to have something posted. I should shower more love to my blog. Finally, my project is announced to the public. I’ll drop your blog and post it there in the comment soon. I’m not sure if I should post it in the blog to make too publicly that I’m involved. :)

      The Wasabi-aioli prawn thingy… is one of their recommended dish. Well, that didn’t disappoint me. I had it every time during my visits. As for the sharks’ bone/fins, it’s a must have delicacy in every Chinese fine dining restaurants. They are supposed to be endangered species if I’m not wrong. But still… every Chinese wedding dinner or special occasion, shark’s fin soup is a must. :(

      • Fabienne says:

        Oh it has already been announced, then I assume that its completed soon, congratulations ^_^

        haha yeah I know that they like to eat that stuff, but sometimes the killjoy in me comes to the surface. Well, I won’t blame you for ordering such dishes, it’s not like you jumped in the ocean and bit the shark in it’s fins ;D

        • softz says:

          Yep, it’s announced because it’s going beta now. I’ll probably put a simple post as introductory. That means… I’m going to be busy still until it’s official launched maybe… I’m not sure too..

  3. Xine says:

    Yay for another food post! I love xiao long bao too! everything here looks yum~ I’d also like to try that wasabi prawn dish.

    • softz says:

      Xiao long bao is always nice. I like the idea of sipping the soup from the it. Yummy! I wonder where else serve similar wasabi prawn dish. I’ve not noticed or can’t remember.

  4. Aya says:

    oh so that’s why soft disappear :) he have fun with his wife ;)

    yummy looking food as usual :D but as always I don’t like to eat >_<

    • softz says:

      LOL! Aya, I’d love the idea of disappearing with my wife. Nice joke! :) However, it was due to work. I’ll try to be more active. And.. why don’t you like to eat? On a diet? I don’t think you need one :p

      • Aya says:

        I prefer think that way :) no Joke I had a quite a lot of “Online buddies” disappear :( just expect and hope they more Happy with their Life :D yeah I do really need eat more I just eat once or maybe twice a day that’s why I so skinny >_< but really I don't like to eat 8-O

  5. Fabrice says:

    Woa that brings back memories, went there on my last trip back home a few months ago =)
    very nice, but was a touch expensive, mind you its worth it come think og it :3
    look at those pictures! makes me want to back there!

    • softz says:

      Cool, you actually visited them. I bet you really enjoyed yourself back then. Yep, it’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely enjoyable too. :) I hope I did make your mouth watery. LOL!

  6. alucard13mm says:

    lol been a while XD…

    been busy with school, but i just graduated. gonna start my own business making/selling Touhou goodies ^_^…

    what a fancy restaurant for dim sum. here in Los Angeles, people look for the cheapest place lol.. like everything is the same price of $1.68 or something lol.

    • softz says:

      Congrats! Yeah, I’ve not heard from you for a while. I guess I was busy myself too. Good luck in your business. Do let us know more. Are you going to have a business column at your blog? :)

  7. Monika says:

    It is really great and I love it because it is very cool. It brings back memories, went there on my last trip back home a few months ago but was a touch expensive, mind you its worth it come think of it.

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