Triple Three @ Mandarin Orchard, Singapore – Lunch Buffet

March 17th, 2013 3 Commented

After a long break from blogging, here I am again to share about our latest food embarkation. My wife and I celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Triple Three restaurant (Mandarin Orchard Hotel), situated in the heart of Orchard Road.

It was a Friday, my wifey and I were the among the first few to arrive at the restaurant. The lunch buffet starts at 12 noon for a duration of two and a half hours. Since it was a Valentine’s Day celebration, I didn’t go around taking photos of each and every food station. I did take a few though. :)

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The chilled seafood section was beautifully arranged and placed on a bed of lighted ice. Even though the selection was rather modest — consisting of prawns, mussels and shells, they all look so enticing!

[Click on the image for the larger version]

Being an unadventurous person, I only tried the prawns and mussels. The prawns were fresh and succulent. I savored the sweet taste with every bite. The mussels were great too. However, I am kinda sad that they didn’t serve crabs, scallops or oysters for the lunch buffet. A dinner buffet would have a better variety of fresh seafood I guess. :(

Prawns and mussels

My next stop was the sashimi station. Interestingly, there’s a chef stationed over there to slice fresh pieces of sashimi according to your portion request. The chef was very friendly and smiley too. Definitely a different experience from the usual sashimi buffet! Besides salmon, they serve tako and maguro sashimi as well.

Chef at work

The salmon was sliced to a delectable thickness that the freshness of the salmon could be easily savored.
Salmon sashimi lovers, this is definitely for you. :D

Salmon shashimi

Had a go at the tako and maguro sashimi as well. They tasted fresh as well but I’m not a fan of them.

Tako and maguro

The restaurant also serves some assorted maki sushi and various salmon/maguro sushi which I didn’t take any photos. We didn’t try any of the sushi as we didn’t want to fill up our stomachs too quickly. Variety is the key!

Assorted maki sushi

The dim sum station’s selection was rather few too. I must say that the dim sum was average. My wifey felt that the Har Gau ( Prawn dumpling) could have been better. She felt that the skin was too thick and it was broke easily. Well, I guess it is no where comparable to Cherry Garden’s dim sum but I’ve no other complaitns.

Assorted dim sum

The teppanyaki cooking station was near our table. The advantages of sitting near the station include being the first to pick the freshly fried food and savour them while hot, minimal walking distance to the station and avoid queuing for it. However, it comes with a price… our clothes smelled of teppanyaki after the meal. Also, it was noisy at times due to the frying.

Teppanyaki station

Chef at work

The beef flank was tender and medium well done. I like it very much. The beansprouts and the squid kushiage were great too. Unfortunately, the second round didn’t taste the same. It was a bit saltier because it was fried by another chef. It would be great if they could keep the consistency.


Next, we had naan with chicken masala. (Opps, no photo for that.) It was the prefect combination – spicy, fragrant masala sauce with crispy and lightly charred naan.

I took the prawn and vegetable tempura immediately after they were fried. They are best served hot with tempura dipping sauce. I added grated daikon radish into the sauce. Yummy!


There were two types of soup. I went for the corn chowder and was glad with my choice. The soup was delicious and it brought great enjoyment to both of us. Unfortunately, we had to share a bowl so that we could go for more variety. :(

Corn chowder

I also tried the roasted pepper beef and honey baked ham. The beef was okay but I definitely prefer the beef teppanyaki. The ham wasn’t up to my expectation, I find it too salty for me. :(

Roasted pepper beef and honey baked ham

We had to skip the roast duck and pork station and pasta section because of our limited tummy space. So, we proceeded to the dessert station for the finale. Obviously, we didn’t try all of them.


The strawberry shortcake was soft, fluffy and not too sweet. My wifey liked it. However she felt that the chocolate cake was a tad dry.


My wifey got this cute dessert which is molded to look like a fish. Underneath it was a clear soft jelly with mandarin orange bits. It was sweet and sour with a nice chewy jelly – my wifey enjoyed it. However, she did not finish up the fish – it was too cute. It would be a very appropriate lunar new year decor for our house too – but I guess its made of white chocolate – not practical! Haha.


Overall, the restaurant did a good job in creating a delightful dining ambiance with their dim lighting and simple yet nice table mat. Food wise, even though the selection was lacking in certain areas, the food was definitely fresh and tasty. My wifey and I enjoyed the experience of dining at Triple Three. Try it for yourself too!

Official Triple Three Website

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  1. Wieselhead says:

    Hi, nice to hear that you both are doing fine, going out on Valentines Day is definetely a nice romantic idea. Appears like a buffet with a lot of stations and longer walking ways ^0^, it looks quite different from the buffets I know from smaller restaurants in my region, better of coiurse. The food looks good.

    • softz says:

      Thank you Fabienne. It’s great to hear from you too. Yeah, we were busy and my motivation for blogging disappeared for the past few months. I hope to bring back the passion and fire again. :D

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